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How to watch Wyze Cam on PC



wyze cam app for pc

Wyze cameras are very useful and smart inventions of Wyze. These cameras can provide excellent security services. If you are using one or more of these cameras and want to enjoy all the features of them then you have to use an app for that.

You have to download Wyze cam app for pc and install it and then you will be able to use the app. This app will bring all the features of Wyze cameras. It will allow you to monitor the cameras on the screen of your computer. 

Why use Wyze cam app for pc

wyze cam app for pc

Wyze cam app is an android app that allows you to get connected to your Wyze security cameras. You can watch every moment on your mobile phone with this app. 

But if you have more cameras, it will be hard to monitor all the cameras at a time on the small screen of your smartphone. In that case, you must use the app on your PC so that you can get a bigger interface and monitor the cameras better.

Security cameras are useless if you don’t monitor what they are recording. If you don’t keep updated with the activities you will not be able to avoid any accident and your security system will not be of any help.

So to ensure the perfect use and security of your security cameras and to get an easy control you must use the Wyze cam app.

How to download Wyze cam app for pc

If you are looking to download Wyze Cam app for PC you can follow our guidelines. We will give you a to z instructions. The process will be very easy for you as we are here to help you all the way. Here we will provide two different guidelines with two different emulators. Some popular emulators are NOX, BlueStacks, Memu, etc.

How to Install Wyze Cam app for PC Using BlueStacks Android Emulator

There are so many emulators available for you. Among them, BlueStacks is a popular one. You can go with this emulator if you like a simple user interface. Here are the steps you can follow to get the job done.

  1. Download BlueStacks from their official website and Install it on your PC.
  2. Run the emulator and agree to the terms and conditions also you may need to create an account.
  3. After that, you will get an interface the same as an android device.
  4. Open Google PlayStore and log in with a Google account.
  5. Then search for “Wyze Cam app” and you will find the app on the top of the search result.
  6. Click on the “Install” button to install the app.
  7. Once the installation is over, open it by clicking the “Open” button.
  8. Provide necessary permissions and the app will be ready to use.
  9. You can now watch everything from your camera on the monitor of your computer.

How to Install Wyze Cam app for PC Using Nox Android Emulator

Another popular android emulator is NOX. You can even install the Wyze Cam app for Windows 10 with this cool emulator. The design of this emulator is just amazing. You just need to follow these steps.

  1. Download Nox from the official website and install it on your computer.
  2. Double click the icon to run the emulator and click agree.
  3. After that, you will get an Android-like interface.
  4. Open Google PlayStore and Sign in with a Gmail account.
  5. Then search for “Wyze Cam app” and you will find it first.
  6. Click on the “Install” button to install the app.
  7. Run the app once the installation process is over.
  8. Allow necessary permissions and agree to their terms and conditions.
  9. That’s it. Now you can watch real-time video footage of your security camera.

Upcoming Features 

The developers have added so many new features to the app. They have added support for Wyze Cam Outdoor, Sleep Routines for Wyze bulb.

Freestyle exercise mode has been added for Wyze Band.

Some bugs from the previous version have been fixed.


What is Wyze Cam App?

Wyze Cam App is an android app that is developed by Wyze for the users of Wyze Camera. You can connect all your Wyze cameras to this app so that you can get an easy control over them.

Is the Wyze Cam App safe to use?

Wyze Cam App is developed officially by Wyze Brand. So, you can use it without any doubt and there is no safety issue at all.

Can I use Wyze Cam App on PC?

Though it is an android app, you can install and also use the app on your PC by following our instructions above.

Is Wyze Cam App free to download?

Yes, the app is free and can be downloaded from PlayStore. You can also use it for free.

Can I connect multiple cameras to Wyze Cam App?

Yes, you can connect all the cameras to the app. Then you can control and monitor them easily from a single interface

Final Word

Wyze Cam is a smart device from Wyze. Wyze cam app can make the camera even smarter. If you are using this camera in your home you should download Wyze cam app for pc so that you can monitor the activity of the camera sitting in front of your computer.

So, if you want to get the best use of your security system, you must install the app. If you need any help you can follow our installation guide. With this app, your security system will get stronger.

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