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How to install booster pump



How to install booster pump

Howdy, everyone today in this post i am going to sahre how to isntall booster pump which will help you to pump up the water pressure at your home. There are some few stesp which need to be followed while installing them and we have noted all of them one by one in a perfect manner.

Steps to install booster pump

  1. Check main water valve button at the meter and turn it off.
  2. Clean the water supply pipe which is coming into your house using emery cloth.
  3. Using a tubing cutter cut the water supply pipe.
  4. Fix pressure booster system in perfect place then cut and assemble the copper pipe and fittings to run from the booster to the existing pipe which supply water.
  5. Disassemble all the copper pieps & fittings, and then clean them with a cloth.
  6. In each location apply flux, and solder all the parts together.
  7. To connect booster pump to electrical panel you need to call a electrician, check that armored cable must connect to a dedicated circuit breaker.
  8. Open water valve and just hold down and wait for the pump to start.
  9. When the pump is turned off, read the pressure gauges to see the improved water pressure.


I have shared the steps to install booster pump, if you find any difficulty while installing booster pump you can anytime call a plumber near by you or just google for it and get your work done.




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