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How To Get Free Dragon Food & Other Resources in Dragon City Game



Dragon City

Dragon City has always been a source of entertainment and thrill for a long period. Time to time they are widely portrayed in films and TV series.

They are often seen as breathing out a ball of fire when they are furious, creating a large havoc in battle, but when it comes to loyalty or obeying the order of the master, they are even better than dogs.

Dragon City

Dragon City

Dragon City: Introduction

A film such as a dragon heart, dragon storm, Godzilla, etc. have gained worldwide repentance and massive earning. People like to watch something different, some creatures which they have never seen before on earth.

This is the reason why they became very much popular in the film as well as games. Here I am going to take the name of a dragon game that is most entertaining, best time pass thrilling as well as amusing.

Dragon city is social simulation game in which you have to create a magical city in which your dragons can live comfortably. And you have to give them a proper place to sleep, food, entertainment and everything else they need to be happy. The player can train and master more than hundred different dragons.

Also as the game is updated every week, the number of available dragons grows. However, you do have to make a city in which is comfortable enough to attract dragons.

Not only this, but the main goal of dragon city is to train the dragon so that they can combat against several players online.

The Necessity To Collect Food and Resources

This game was released in August 2014. Regardless of how you play in this game, you are still playing one of the top rated Facebook games. There are some task and challenges that are to be completed and then we can accomplish these things like coins, diamonds, and food.

Between 400-450 dragons are available when you are in the middle of the game. You have to take care of their size and health, you need food. This food can help you to gain the gold you require to move up the ladder of success in the game.

Dragon City Farm

Dragon City Farm

How To Get Free Dragon Food?

There are some ways in which we can get food for dragons. One option involves utilizing gems. While you can get everything you need to by normal means but you will see it very time-consuming venture. This is because the amount of work which you will do is very much as compared to gems or food you get.

So various people go for Dragon city hacks. To feed the dragons, grow them larger and train them for battle is all you have to do in the game.

For this purpose, you have to collect golds because breeding of dragon requires a large amount of gold. Hence it directs people towards app for purchase.

Since there are many features that attract users, the only hindrance in-app purchase is overcome by ‘Dragon City hacks cheat‘.

This is unfair at one point but since you have to compete and survive among people on the internet you will go for it because several people are already using it and if you will not, you will ultimately outwit by others on the internet.

Also, the user can get unlimited gems, food, and gold without paying even a single penny which would help to build a larger empire as well as to make the dragons stronger.


What I would like to draw your attention towards is, it is only a game, and hence you should abide by rules and regulations of the are not going to be rewarded with any prize after scoring much.

It’s solely for entertainment purpose.

The greed in the game is not desirable from any angle. Unlimited of anything is not desirable as it will degrade its value.

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