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How Married People Get Away With Infidelity



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How Married People Get Away With Infidelity

How Married People Get Away With Infidelity

How Married People Get Away With Infidelity

Marriage can be a fragile relationship where a single mistake can lead to a full-blown divorce. Read more about the right time to get married when you click here. Some people choose to cheat because they want some of their needs to be met. After all, it will be unfair if you have made vows with the other person that you’ll be together through sickness and health, but you discovered that they couldn’t meet your expectations and needs inside the marriage.

Ultimately, it is no secret that a large number of marriages do end in divorce. Therefore it is important to know your legal rights when a relationship breaks down. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about the role family lawyers take on during the breakdown of a marriage, you can Check out Peters And May blog post to family solicitor.

1. Internet

The internet is not a dangerous place in itself. However, this can be a playground for people looking to have fun and forget about their problems for the weekend. Many are not satisfied with their relationships or philandering husbands; there are so many websites where they can meet a sexy, hot blonde who doesn’t ask too many questions.

Some have taglines where they encourage you to have an affair because life is short. You can go here for more information about these sites and check out for yourself what they have to offer. The internet, including social media and dating sites, is full of people who want to have one-night stands or casual relationships. This is a problem for married couples who are inappropriately using the web.

2. Running Away from Life’s Current Problems

One of the primary reasons why people cheat is that they don’t want to deal with many problems that are going their way. Some are making lots of excuses instead of facing real issues that can impact their lives considerably. Wives are often frustrated by the shut expressions of their husbands that they seek other people to open up an emotional affair.

Most often, it’s the co-workers that are offering a shoulder to lean on. It’s no surprise that many tend to choose where the sympathy is. It’s not just the co-workers but chatting online can also cause people to make unfair comparisons to their current partners.

Of course, you don’t meet the other person in real life, and you don’t have any idea what they are like on a daily basis. With this said, an unfair comparison may form between someone’s husband and the other sympathetic guy whom the wife is frequently chatting online. These kinds of affairs can sizzle out, and couples can move on when they try to hear each other’s point and validate their feelings accordingly.

3. Frequently Watching Pornography

The internet is rampant with pornographic materials, and many are asking if watching these can lead to affairs. Other people have said that these are factors that can lead to the death of one’s trust and love.

The addiction to watching videos and looking at nude people can cause cracks in many marriages today. It’s not just discriminatory to men, but many women may also be suffering from porn addiction today. Getting away with this may mean stopping watching videos and focusing more on your current partner instead of dreaming about sleeping with someone else. Read more about the effects of porn to your marriage here:

4. Facebook

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One of the biggest contributors to divorces today is Facebook. Many marriages have been destroyed because of chatting with someone on this platform. Facebook allows you to meet anyone online, and, in some cases, you can reconnect with an ex who lives in the same area as you. You may have gone to the nearest beach resort with an old sweetheart, and there’s always the fantasy of knowing that the other side is always greener.

This can be a pain for people who want to stay faithful in the relationship. They were not aware that they were hit by something so shocking that they never imagined that their significant others would cheat on them in a million years. Some may have chatted for a while with a hot ex but decided that the trouble is not worth losing their spouse, children, and property, so they simply stop doing the whole thing.

5. Cases of Being Bored

Boredoms may lead to affairs if the couples are not careful. Some of the adventurous minds may detest the routines that they have been doing for years, and they want to try something fresh in their lives. Others avoid this pitfall by getting more commitment and communication to keep things exciting and escape the rut that they have happened to enter into.

However, some people may cope differently. Others may try fast cars, drugs, hanging out with a new bunch of people, and getting involved in relationships with someone they have just met. There were even cases when couples decided to do a threesome, and over time, the wife went into the arms of someone else and never returned.

Knowing how to Survive an Affair

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1. Know what You Want

You may want to leave your current relationship, but you didn’t know that you wanted to get out. This has been an unconscious decision when you wake up and tell yourself that you want everything to be over.

Be honest with your current partner about what you want. After all, there’s no need to hurt someone when you want to leave. If you’re going to stay, it’s essential to change the course for the two of you by doing therapy as a couple.

2. Think whether Monogamy Makes Sense

It can be hard to be committed to a single person for the rest of your life. If monogamy is not your cup of tea, then you may want to open up with your partner if they can give you a relationship that is similar to that of a consensually non-monogamous. Research shows that many who enjoy sex with other people are actually considered more faithful and committed to their relationships.

You may be that someone who was born monogamous, and this is totally fine. Know that the idea of monogamy started in the tradition of Judeo-Christian some 200 years ago where people lived an average of 38 years old back then. When the time comes that boredom has overtaken the relationship, everyone is dead, and there’s zero chance of having an affair.

Monogamy is not a privilege or a biological prison. It’s an agreement and choice between two people, which you do every day. This is considered a promise or a gift and defines what you think is cheating.

3. Shutting Down the Technology

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Today, it might be impossible to shut down all your gadgets, but this is actually possible. You can cheat while your partner is lying next to your marital bed through your phone. It’s best if you shut down social media for a while, especially if you have a history of cheating on your partner.

You may be someone addicted to the illicitness of the affair or the excitement and forbidden nature of cheating. What you can do instead is to incorporate a more adventurous life without the need to send your naked selfies to strangers. Affairs can be fun in the short term, but hiding can make you terrible about yourself, and it can destroy the person who loves you the most.


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