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How do I connect my smart camera to my phone?



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Sometime, you may try to have remote access into your camera. It was impossible for a long time but it is available now. However, it’s no longer tough to connect your camera with your smartphone.

Nowadays, people often using a Wifi-enabled camera rather than old-modeled cameras. The wifi feature has added some exclusive options to the camera. Remote access, cloud access, and many other exclusive facilities become available through it.

So, if you are looking for the answer to, how do I connect my smart camera to my phone? It is just as you thought! You have to have a wifi-enabled camera and then connect it with your smartphone through a wifi-hotspot. The concept is the same for both android and IOS but the process is a little bit different. Follow our guidelines step by step.

How do I connect my smart camera to my phone?

If you’re using a smart camera but don’t know how to connect it to your phone, why don’t you give a read to our guide?

●      For Android

If you want to connect your smart camera with an android then you just have to follow these settings. There are two different ways to build a connection.

  • Connecting the smartphone into the smart camera’s network.
  • Connecting the smart camera into the smartphone’s network.

For the first case,

Set up the smart camera:

  • Check if your camera has a network sharing option.
  • Then go to the network setting and select the hotspot to share.
  • Configure a custom password and username from the hotspot configuration menu.

Set up the smartphone:

  • First, start with the display menu.
  • Then go to the setting option.
  • Then select the connection and tap on wifi option.
  • After that, select the option Connect to the network and push.
  • There will be networks available to connect and select the one shared by your camera.
  • Select the connection and its connected.

So, how do you think? Pretty easy right? There is no bothering anymore for you about, How do I connect my smart camera to my phone?

For the second case,

Set up the smartphone:

  • From the start menu, go to the setting option.
  • Then the network sharing option should be selected.
  • Select the hotspot menu.
  • Configure your hotspot with a username and password.
  • Then share the connection.

Set up the smart camera:

  • Go to your camera setting.
  • Find the network option and select wifi.
  • Connect with your smartphone’s shared connection.

●      For IOS

For the IOS, it is pretty much the same but even easier. You can install wifi smart into your ios which will directly connect the smartphone with the smart camera without any additional setting.

If you are still looking for the manual setting in the old way then just follow the same connecting process of an android device and that will do the job.

Wifi Smart for OS:

Wifi Smart is an external wifi system that can be installed in an IOS system to connect the smartphone directly with a media device. You can get it from an apple store. After installing you have to set up the configure the setting. The access point, connection type, and other things. All these will be given with the instruction book from an apple device.

Alternate way:

Bluetooth connection is the old fashioned alternative way of connecting smartphones with a camera. The system is through a Bluetooth connection. It’s pretty simple. Just turn on the Bluetooth function from both smartphones and cameras then add them up.

There would be some drawbacks in this way like slow connection or chance of disconnecting but if you are desperate then it is the alternate way.

Important Facts:

This camera can also be part of a camera smartwatch. So, it is not required to be always an external only camera. Furthermore, some cameras might need a router to connect through a wifi connection. Checking out the model and features is the best way to ensure connectivity.

Pros of connecting a smart camera with a smartphone:

There may be a question about why would you choose to connect a camera through a smartphone in the first place. The answer would be simple. Here are some exclusive facilities you can get from a camera-phone connection.

  • It gives you remote access from a much lighter device like a smartphone.
  • Now people love to store their captures and data into a much safer place than a memory car known as the cloud. It gives the user control to save his/her data directly from the camera to the cloud.
  • Access to the cloud also provides much higher storage capacity than any memory card usually used for a camera.
  • Remote access not only ensures mobility but also gives much more freedom to use the camera from any angle at any time with less effort.
  • This connection also helps to install the necessary software or other digital apps.

Final Word

Having a smart camera is an amazing chance to discover photography, choreography, video capturing or any other job pretty easy. Impressive mobility and exclusive accesses are all together come with the connection between a smart camera and phone.

This sync is the best use of digital devices nowadays. So, doing the connection perfectly, just follow our review on How do I connect my smart camera to my phone? This will solve your problem any day, anytime.

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