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Hawaii attractions, tourism, travel

Anytime anyone hears the word Hawaii, holiday and sun always come to mind. An enviable, luxurious dream location is what Hawaii is all about. Paradise of the Pacific as Hawaii is also known as, is an isolated volcanic archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean which is southwest of the United States. It is entirely made up of islands. The islands are well known for their rugged endless breathtaking canyons and cliffs, countless waterfalls, thick tropical foliage, and amazing blue sandy beaches. It is practically a little heaven on earth.

The Big Island as it is also known has about 132 islands but only 7 of them are inhabited. The volcanic islands are Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, Oahu, and Niihau. Rich in both culture and history, the Islands of Hawaii have been constantly recognized as one of the topmost holidaying destinations in the world. Loaded with packages suitable for all kinds of tourists, you can count on Hawaii to deliver maximum entertainment. The choices are quite many, ranging from scuba diving to surfing lessons to cultural performances as well as remote hikes all of which are provided expertly by the locals. Hawaii attractions you can check out include:

Hawaii Volcanoes National park

Hawaii attractions, tourism, travel

Located on the southeastern part of the island, the Hawaii Volcano Park is quite active and continues to increase in size as active fresh lava seeps into the ocean and solidifies to rock. The Kilauea Volcano has been active since 2018 and it is located within the park. Pele, a steaming crater is another sight to behold specifically because of its steaming crater. There’s also a tunnel called Thurston Lava Tube that is about 500 feet long and almost 20 feet in height that was created by lava that once flowed then cooled. It is ranked as one of the topmost sights within the park.

Mauna Kea

This is where the Mauna Kea Observatory, an active research facility is located. The Mauna Kea is actually Hawaii’s highest mountain. As much as it experiences the lowest and coldest temperatures in the area, which is way more of a contrast compared to the tropical weather below, it does not stop the curious tourists from visiting the place. It has some of the most amazing and enchanting views. Located at a high altitude of 13,800 feet and 9,200 feet, the mountain can only be accessed by 4WD vehicles.

Tropical Botanical Garden

It is situated off the Hamakua Coast Scenic Drive and has a wide variety of tropical plants of about 2000 different species. The garden is normally filled with botanists, photographers and tourists from all over the world who are keen on learning about tropical plants. Located on a 40-acre piece of land, the garden has 500-foot observatory walkway that overlooks the plants and a ravine. The garden is home to the Palm Vista which is said to have more than 200 species of palms from all around the world.

The Akaka Fall State Park

Inside this magnificent park is two falls. The Akaka Falls which is 422 feet and The Kahuna Falls 400feet.  The Akaka Falls is a massive beautiful tropical waterfall hidden away in the Hawaiian hills that is perfect for every family outing.

Hawaii attractions, tourism, travel

Located in a canyon that is 23 kilometers north of Hawaii near Hilo, the pristine, lush and green park remain untouched. In that nature has not been tampered with by current and preexisting humans in the region. This makes it a rare gem of sorts. The waterfall is also home to extremely diversified vegetation. From flowers to vines to trees of different varieties. Birdwatchers will definitely fall in love with the place. Apart from Akaka Falls, there are also other famous falls in the area such The Rainbow Falls, Umauma Falls, Hi’ilawe Falls which offer scenic and captivating sights.

Hawaii is an Island that has a lot of rich history and has plenty to offer in terms of tourist attraction sites. Other well-known areas that tourists can frequently include museums such as Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Natural History Museum, The Honolulu Art Museum just to name a few. Inside these museums is part of Hawaii’s treasures that were used in ancient villages and temples. Not to forget the Pearl Harbour Museum which is a very moving and interesting place to visit. One should also expect to have learned how to snorkel, surf the waves, drive down the road to Hana and get to see amazing waterfalls along the highway not forgetting the black sand beach as well as the Seven Sacred Pools of O’hea Gulch.

In conclusion, have some vacation days lined up ahead and you need a place to experience a real vacation? Hawaii is the place to go no doubt about it!

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