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How to generate more leads through Facebook Ads



Ad targetting, Facebook lead generation, Facebook pixel code, Social media traffic

When it comes to generating some high numbers of sales through social media campaigns, My choice is always Facebook over anything. Why? Because with huge members base which is more than the population 193 countries of the world it is a bread and butter business to attract clients in short period actually it is not that easy as you think. If you are still struggling to make money from Facebook and failing multiple times in making sales then you need to read this article till the end

I connected with few Social Media Gods in the industry who often say that people on Facebook are not in buying mode and their behavior varies with changing age groups and geographical location. Let me explain, when people use social media which is the part of their daily routine they are not browsing it for buying something or signing up somewhere they are just using it for fun that’s it, but the one who masters the art of pitching and selling over platforms of zombies is pure genius.

Some people use old school methods like promoting products to people who liked their pages or use of facebook group for the purpose. Attracting clients through pages and regular accounts is a crap technique you have to try something new like Facebook advertising but how? Don’t worry I try to cover the entire FB ads in rest of the post.

How to use Facebook for generating leads

Cost per lead and conversion rate is always the concern for some new guys. Yup some people even start believing that Facebook ads are worthless for lead generation, The use of FB ads is quite normal you need to target better age group, Make creative ads and Catchy text to make the things work better. Here are some Facebook Ads tweaks you can use to bring your campaign to the whole new level.

Target the best people for your product

Ad targetting, Facebook lead generation, Facebook pixel code, Social media traffic

When someone asks me about generating sales using Facebook ads, then my answer is always targeting the best individuals who care about your product. Selling something to the bunch of uninterested human beings is not a good idea. How bad it could be if you’re showing your product to someone who is completely clueless about it.

Location: Targeting your audience based on their location is a very useful function in Fb ads that you must use. If your aim is to make some sales from the particular country or a specific region, then this option might be helpful.

 Age: Who said ages are just numbers when our entire marketing plan depends on it. Age matters a lot at the time of advertising your product over Facebook you cannot simply sell a PlayStation 4 gaming console to a 50-year-old lady right? So basically targeting people based on age is pretty psychological you just need to be a little smart for leads hikes.

Gender: This part is self-explanatory  I guess, The use of gender-based targeting comes when you are selling or providing something for a particular gender like Lingerie and Beauty product that needed to be advertised for women.

Languages: You can use this feature when you are targeting someone with specific language, but according to me this feature is useless because most of the time people chooses English along with their native language before making an account on Facebook.

Retarget your audience

This might be little technical but believe me, If you avoid this you miss a lot before any further explanation let me tell you what does pixel means and how does it work?

Pixel feature is a part of Fb ads where an advertiser put a shortcode in his/her squeeze pages or landing page to target and understand the behavior of people who followed their ads.

How to use pixel for retargeting purpose

To understand your audience, you have to put a Pixel code on your squeeze page or any other landing page you going advertise through ads. Still wondering why we need this function? Sometimes people who visit your page through ads didn’t buy or sign up for anything and by using pixel, you track them and show them an even more attractive ad to generate a lead.

Let’s take the example of Property dealing When we advertise an apartment in Facebook sometimes back few people click it but seem uninterested in it, but we are smart enough by analyzing them quickly we show them an even better apartment ad with more facility and It changes the minds of 80% of people.

Get Pixel code –

  • Locate the tools on top menu in ad manager
  • Click on Facebook Pixel
  • Create a pixel
  • Give your pixel a name and hit Create Pixel and It’s done

After forming a pixel, you will get a code which you need to put on your page which is going to use for advertising, Take a help of a developer for better work.

Create an audience

Once the code is implemented, you can create your custom audience based on their behavior.

  • Go to ad manager and locate tools and choose audience
  • Create Audience
  • Select Custom Audience
  • Create website traffic
  • Give your Custom Audience a name, select a Website Traffic option and click Create Audience button.

Ad targetting, Facebook lead generation, Facebook pixel code, Social media traffic

Target the specific audience: You can target people based on their click on specific URL for example, you can create an audience of traffic which came to a product with “Mobile phones” in the URL?

Setting up In the last: By default, the tracking of the audience is up to 30 days you can exceed the numbers to 180 for more results.

Lookalike Audience: I swear this function is very hard to miss while doing an ad campaign, You definitely want to show your ad to the people who are like your custom audience right? Yes, you can. To enable this excellent feature Go to Ad Manager > Tools > Audience and click on create an audience and there you will find the lookalike option in the drop-down menu. With little use of some additional function, you can make 80% of the difference in your sales.

Lookalike audience

Catchy Titles

Well, the success of your campaign entirely depends on how clever and beautiful is your ad. I had used Facebook for many of my projects one of them is for increasing the likes of my page. All I learned is the engagement of the post with catchy and relatable caption is more than the usual one.

The formula of virality is simple you just to need to provide something that grabs the eyesight of audience. People who found your ad attractive can definitely willing to click it and check it once in a while, and that’s how you get customers. Take a look at Bluehost ad on Facebook they are doing pretty well in advertising.

Facebook retargetting

The “Launch your site for only 2.95$” is the marketing strategy used by them is to grab the attention of their target audience. Imagine how fascinating it could be for someone who was charged 10$ or even more on the local level for the same service, It makes lots of difference right? That person purchases a plan from them for sure.

Catching someone’s sight always works best until the person is interested in your product, I recommend people to target, always look for some factors like age group, geo-location and interest of users ignoring these things maybe get you more audience in less cost but fail to get customers.


If you are into email marketing, You must be known to the struggle of getting better people in your email list right?  There are many badass ways to get people in your bucket, and one of these is Facebook Advertising. To make your FB Ads campaign effective, you must design a beautiful landing page or better op-tins for getting people on your list.

Generate leads from Facebook ad

To get more engagement in less CPL, You can use a simple trick of providing something for free. Suppose If your aim is to get the emails of people who fascinate about ranking websites fast then you can offer your e-book (Which is all about Ranking, SEO, and PBNs) by simply advertising a landing page where your audience visit to download your eBook by signing up your email opt-in form.

The Trial of product

Providing something for free is not a bad idea you know, It will definitely pay you off somehow. I spotted an ad on Facebook some days back they offer free service for the first month, Is it really free?  Let me dig more into their minds the idea of providing free service is not an act of kindness because when your months end, they charge you some bucks for the same service you used for free. Guess what they got your mind by their magnetic title of the free offer.

Take an example of PayUMoney Merchant which is well-reputed payment gateway company is doing the same kind of marketing on Facebook.

Ad targetting, Facebook lead generation, Facebook pixel code, Social media traffic

Final words

Facebook advertising is so hard to understand if you are a complete noob in the business. By following above method, you could easily master advertising on Facebook. Just do it the way it works better

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