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Follow These Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Blogger Outreach



Blogger Outreach

Follow These Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Blogger Outreach

For every SEO professional, building links is an indispensable practice. For this reason, they need to outreach the bloggers and seek backlinks from their domain.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned marketer or simply a young blogger, outreaching and making friends with influencers is important for you. You probably would know what you need to outreach bloggers:

1. Create a pitch

2. Skim the contacts of bloggers

3. Reach out to them and seek partnership

But, the question is even if you are following these tips, then why do your blogger outreach efforts don’t work?

To assist you to get the maximum out of your blogger outreach efforts, we have compiled a list of five tips.

  • Identify why you want to outreach the bloggers

The very beginning of any project is the identification of the need behind it. Ask yourself why do you need to outreach the bloggers? Is it for the purpose of building backlinks, or do you wish to guest post? For example, guest post service from outreachmonks claims to be manually outreaching bloggers. They suggest that the only thing which is most important of all is the niche relevancy of the blog with your own website.

  • Create and sort a list of potential collaborations

Once you have identified what type of bloggers you need to outreach, its time you create a list of potential bloggers. You can begin your search from Google. Alternatively, you can go through the backlinks of other websites within your niche, or you can also skim through the comments section of any blog. Once you have a list of potential bloggers, you need to sort the best ones out, which you think can meet your needs and help you.

  • Curate your content in sync with the blogger

An important point to keep in mind when you outreach the bloggers is to understand the style and quality of content that these bloggers publish. This is because, you need to curate a similar piece of content for your guest posts. Typically, bloggers may send you back your article, if they need any revisions to it, before actually publishing it.

  • Build relationships and not just links

When you outreach bloggers, you need to make sure that you don’t act too needy or too egoistic to them. In either situation, it is very likely that the blogger may not even reply. And even if they do, they might reject your proposal. An important part of blogger outreach techniques is building a relationship with the blogger. You need backlinks but you need the blogger more than the link. A healthy relationship can nurture further opportunities for you.

  • Follow up with the blogger to ensure their interests align

If you’ve been following up on all the tips until now, it is very likely that you must have received many replies. In case, you don’t receive a reply after the first email, you should follow up with the bloggers. These influencers receive hundreds of emails every day, and most of them are trashed. You wouldn’t wish to end up in trash folder.

Regardless of your level of expertise in the subject, following these tips can surely bring in the results you desire.

Praneet is the CEO and Editor of the website He is a blogger and have varoius blog on various topic and he is from India who loves to read and write about Technology, Gadgets and Gaming. If you share the similar interests then you can follow him on Facebook | Google+ | Twitter

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