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How to Fix Behnevis (1).exe Error? Is Behnevis (1).exe a Virus?



How to Fix Behnevis (1).exe Error? Is Behnevis (1).exe a Virus?

How to Fix Behnevis (1).exe Error? Is Behnevis (1).exe a Virus?

EXE files are the main files required by the windows user to run their applications. These errors appear out of nowhere and annoy the user. They are one of the toughest errors to fix if a normal user tries to fix the error by himself. The best way to solve these errors is to conduct case studies by searching through the internet for the possible fixes, or to network with other people with similar errors like “ Hxtsr.exe not found “and also “Cannot find atieclxx.exe”

The solutions are scattered all over the place on the internet and it is difficult to find a place where all the possible fixes are unified. This article has been created for the sole purpose of unifying all the possible fixes in a single place and this article will make sure that it solves all the problems you are having related to the behnevis.exe file.

We will also discuss whether it is a virus or not.

First of all you should know that if an exe error pops up on your screen, it is an indication that your computer has some problems. If not solved asap, this problem might continue to spread and cause even more harm to your computing systems than a normal exe error. There is a chance that all the exe files in your computer will slowly corrupt and give you similar errors in case your computer is infected because of a virus.

When the machine you are using is facing an error while executing an application, it shows you an alert dialog box with the error details in it.

Why did I receive an error?

Our operating systems do not know how to execute a code by default, that is the reason why developers created a file which is known as an executable file (exe). It instructs the operating system to compile the programs in a sequential manner which leads to the smooth running of the application.

Sometimes, your computer might corrupt or damage the exe files either due to miscalculations or due to malware attacking your system. In case you downloaded an exe file from an unknown source and opened the same by double clicking, that might be the reason for your errors.

These are the error messages you possibly received

  • Behnevis (1).exe :- Application Error
  • Behnevis (1).exe :- Runtime Error.
  • Behnevis (1).exe :- System Error.
  • Behnevis (1).exe :- This application could not be started.
  • Behnevis (1).exe :- Entry Point Not Found.
  • Behnevis (1).exe :- Bad Image.
  • Behnevis (1).exe :- Operation Failed.

The error messages might be able to show you the exact core problems which your application is causing.

  • Check whether the desired exe file is missing or not
  • Check whether you system has been infected with a malware
  • Check if the problem is related to the registry
  • Make sure your hardware is working fine
  • Check the behavior of your drivers
  • Check whether the application was installed correctly or not
  • You should also check if other similar processes are causing a ruckus in your system

Note: Do not just simply download an exe file from the internet if your PC is giving you an error. Those exe files from untrusted sources might be corrupted or infected. They might severely damage your system or even destroy it.

We have found the fix to this problem, or more accurately, multiple fixes for this problem. Follow the methods below in order to solve your issues.

Steps to fix Behnevis (1).exe Error

Fix 1: Restart your computer

You might find a ton of different methods in order to solve your issues and yes they might fix your computer but the thing is that a simple restart could do it too. There is a high chance that either the drivers are not loaded properly or there is a similar process causing a ruckus in your system which causes this error. This is what your computer solves by rebooting and restarting all your drivers and applications.

Please do consider restarting your computer once so that it might save a lot of your time.

Fix 2: Clean and repair your registry system

The registry of your Windows system, believe it or not, runs 24/7. It runs from the moment you install the OS, boot the system till the system finally shuts down. It has to run because it stores important functions which are used for executing applications, keeping the UI intact, helping you install other applications and providing support to other dependent files.

In case the entry related to behnevis.exe are corrupt, the operating system will show you this error.

Microsoft hasn’t exactly created a system which is totally perfect. To compensate, thousands of developers have created tools which you can easily use in order to solve these issues.

Just search the term registry cleaner and you will find tons of results. Make sure you check whether the source is legitimate or not so that your system doesn’t get messed up again.

Fix 3: Virus scan

Additionally, you can conduct a virus scan and your antivirus will detect and help you with the deletion of the virus that has caused this issue.

If you don’t have an antivirus, you can search for any free trusted antivirus (example: avast free antivirus) and download it.


The methods mentioned above are the best that you may find anywhere and they will surely be able to solve your issues. Make sure to not attempt downloading an untrusted exe file from the internet and stay safe. Good luck.

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