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Five Things Great Business Leaders Never Say



Five Things Great Business Leaders Never Say

Growing a business requires tons of hard work and dedication along with honesty, hope, capital, strategies and of course employees. A great business leader like Charles Field Marsham and others always stays on top of every required quality to grow and improve a business. Charles Field Marsham is a Canadian entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in building businesses. Though there are certain things a great business leader would never say as it can make them come out as a weak leader in front of their employees. This can cause adverse effects on the business as employees require constant motivation to give optimal performance and you should be careful what you say.

In this article, we are going to talk about five things great business leaders never say.

Success has no failures in its path:

Failure is imperative in the path to success and denying it doesn’t make things better. Although you might be trying to motivate your employees in their work to them the statement might convey that you are not ready to understand that there are problems that are hard to solve. This will cause a gap of mutual understanding between the leader and its employees.

Ask me before doing anything:

When a leader micromanages every step of an employee, it makes them lose their interest in their job. Not only interest, their skills and, morale also hinder. It also harms the productivity of the leader on the other hand. Employees require an independent working environment and resources to work with precision and tackle business challenges. Employees are the building blocks of a business and they should be treated with work-freedom.

I won’t condone Negative News:

If you keep telling this to your employees, it would not help the situation. It would cause the opposite. You would never know what is going on in the employee’s mind as statements like this would keep them from telling you. It will cause adverse effects on the growth of your business. So next time don’t say it!

Personal Problems don’t Concern Business:

Employees work hard for the success of your business and they might have personal issues that need to be addressed. Ignoring their problems can distant your relationship from them thus creating a bad impression. Things like this can demotivate them to do their work with a dedication which will make it hard to reach business objectives. Always care for your employees.

I will reject new ideas:

Sometimes leaders say no to creative ideas from the employees as they are not ready to cope with the potential risks the idea has. Leaders feel anxious and cannot back up the ideas as they are uncertain how their boss would look at it. It creates a sense of fear in the leader though an organization needs to follow innovative ideas to grow even if it has some dangers.

These are the five things a great business leader would never say as it can harm the development and growth of a business. Maintaining a healthy relationship with the employees is mandatory and plays an important role in growing a healthy business. And you should avoid saying these.

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