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Five free SEO all social media marketers need



Five free SEO all social media marketers need

Five free SEO all social media marketers need

Five free SEO all social media marketers need

Five free SEO all social media marketers need

As years go by, technology and people are changing, and newer things are taking over the world. SEO is one of the fields that is rapidly growing, and you can check here to see more of what this year has contributed to matters of SEO.

SEO’s importance has been felt by all internet user, more so for website owners and social media marketers. Social media has evolved into powerful search engines today, giving social media marketers more power for the online audience. Is there a way to make the work of social media marketers easier?
There are five free SEO tools that anyone can use to make it in SEO, principally social media marketers.

Google Analytics

Whether you are new on social media or not, you will need this SEO tool. The Google Analytics is a free
tool offered by Google and is responsible for generating analytical reports.

You need to use this tool because you need to understand the behavior of your audience on social media and ultimately your website. The Google Analytics tool has an entire section that informs of social media referral topics,
which you can capitalize on as a social media marketer.

Social media marketers can take advantage of this tool for studying audience behavior as regards the type of content they love to consume and which social media platforms are responsible for a lot of the traffic you receive. Capitalizing on this information will help you to better position your messages for your audience and focus more on organic searches and social signals.

Moz Free SEO tools

Moz is a big SEO name popular for the various services they offer for SEO’s best practice. The first feature you can enjoy from the free Moz toolkit is the Moz Keyword Planner that can help you with the keyword research process.

More importantly, as a social media marketer, you need to be sure that your target audience can effortlessly find you online, both on search engines and social media platforms. For this course, you can use the Moz Check My Listing tool. This tool shows you how your brand is listed online on different Bing, Google, and other search engines.

Since linkless backlinks and brand mentions count for your ranking on search engines, social media experts can also use the Moz Open Site Explorer, but more importantly, for competitor analysis. See how your competitors are using their keywords and engaging with their audience with this tool.

Google Search Console

This is yet another free SEO tool by Google. The Google Search Console should be a favorite tool for you, whether or not you are a social media marketer. With this tool, you can understand how search engines and target audience view your site.
The man feature you can benefit on as a social media marketer is Search Analytics, which shows you information on people’ searches on search engines. Knowing what your audience is looking for allows you to configure your brand and your messages as responses to these search queries. You want to be posting precisely what people want to hear, and this way, you will gather a massive following on social media platforms, and even rank higher on search engines.

The best part is that the Google Search Console can alert you in case your social media accounts or websites are hacked to beef up your security.

SERP Rank Checker

The SERP Rank Checker is an SEO tool that allows users to check how their sites are ranking for specific keywords. Social media is a central area of focus for matters SEO. As a social media marketer, you want to publish content that is relevant, timely and interesting for audiences to consume. Before you can settle on what to post, you can weigh out the performance of your keywords.

Search with this tool to check whether your primary keywords are ranking well before you deliberate on promoting and sponsoring the content. Once you locate content that has not performed well on search engines through the use of SERP Rank Checker, you can resolve newer ways of updating the content and sharing it on different social media platforms afresh to give it another chance.

Social Mention

Social Mention SEO tool offers social media analysis in real-time. As a social media marketer, you need to know how you can effortlessly navigate through your social media marketing strategy and maneuver through loopholes and SEO mistakes.
Social Mention is the best tool for tracking brand mentions for your link building and link earning strategy.

Every social media marketer needs to create a significant impact for their brand on social media and search engines, and while there is a chunk of SEO tools you could opt for, these five free tools should get you started whether or not you have a budget for it.

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