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Five Criteria for Finding A Top Software Development Company




After the industrial revolution, the next notable project is arguably the invention and development of technology, popularly known as information communication technology. This industry’s growth has been gradual but steady to witness the boom since the turn on the new century.

As a client, this leaves you with a daunting task of having to locate a perfect document management tools developer for you, hence the purpose of this article. It is going to take you through some of the essential criteria you might use to get the best developer available.


Since the beginning of this millennium, there has been an unprecedented growth of technology and advancement of the old discoveries to make efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective machines that have seen a majority of people get employment in this sector. Other than business, the technological sector has had more people employed in its operations than any other sector in one decade.

Background Notes

Technological advancement has seen business success due to reduced running costs. A survey carried out in the United States discovered that the industry has directly employed over 6million people. One of the most profitable components of technology is software development. This is basically the heart of information technology. Almost a quarter of the industry employees are deemed to be software developers.

In the Silicon Valley – tech city in California, there are over 150 registered companies that offer software development. This then implies that globally, there are tens of thousands of companies that provide software development services to your business.

Software development, just like any other field, as those who excel at it and those who do not fare so well. The reasons behind these disparities may be directed to access to resources. The process itself requires a bulk of the investment. Lack of sufficient funds may be one of the factors that cause other firms not to produce quality products. Furthermore, technological products are expensive, due to the expensive copywrites. Therefore, a lack of control of certain production requirements may cause substandard products to be produced.

As a client, this leaves you with a daunting task of having to locate a perfect software developer for you, hence the purpose of this article. It is going to take you through some of the essential criteria you might use to get the best developer available.

1. Ethics and Honesty

Top business-minded people would insist on honesty and a clear conscience. Therefore, while shopping for a software development company, try to get a firm that follows business ethics without compromise. This ensures that your interests shall be taken into account every step of the way.

Regardless of the size of the project you intend to undertake, please do not allow a company to arm-twist you to allow their interests to dominate. Therefore, before you settle for a developer, ensure you check their business profile, their dealings, and their way of operation. You could get to ask some of their previous clients for any irregularities that came up and how they dealt with them.

Also, one way of checking out company ethics is to review the employee ratings of their employer firm. In an ethical business environment, an employee is motivated to work and is happy to give their all. You will be unlucky if you got employees with low morale towards work, and this should raise your alert.

Some will consider hiring the services of freelancing individuals to work on their development assignments. It is not a bad idea, although you have to ensure you do your due diligence so that you are not defrauded. Since most of the freelancing does not have vetting procedures, you might need to use other means, such as internal vetting, to ascertain you are dealing with a bonafide developer.

2. Size of The Firm

There are different ways of knowing the size of the development company you are dealing with. You can check the number of employees under the company’s payroll. Also, check the company premises and the profitability of the firm. Why is it important to size up the company you are contracting? It is apparent that if a company is profitable, its asset base will increase, including the employees. As growth kicks in, the firm will definitely increase the magnitude of the projects it deals hence more experience. Therefore, if you want a top developer, the size of the firm’s investment can help you to judge between companies.

Also, a profitable company is likely to invest more in research and a competent team of developers. This is due to the fact that research and development are expensive, and getting together an able team of developers is even a more costly and challenging venture.

3. Team’s Competence

You should be able to have a beforehand experience with the development team. You can either do an interview with them or have their reviews and ratings checked to ascertain their capabilities. However, you should have known that top firms always look to hire the best developers for the work.

4. Go over the Development Strategy

Before the process is underway, ask to be taken through the proposed strategy for the development. Also, some developers change strategies or have varied strategies as the tech industry is in continuous growth. These shifts cause companies to change or exit the highly competitive industry. Therefore, asking for the strategy of the firm seeks to assure you of the stand of the firm and quality service in the event.

5. Communication

In fact, English is the default language in tech. This fact implies that if a firm does not have good proficiency in English, then they are not good developers. Also, lack of good communication may be down to faulty emotional intelligence, cultural barriers, etc. to understand the needs of your clients is the first step to ensuring excellent service delivery. It would be best if you also opted for firms that have established and clear communication channels.

The Bottom Line

From the article, the software has gradually grown to become the background of information technology. And, as the modern times have shown, IT is the spine in ensuring business models run successfully, from logistics to service industry, technology has increasingly taken center stage in all these sectors. This has therefore provided a world of opportunities for software development. Thus getting to choose top software developers requires more considerations than just pricing and ethical adherence.

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