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Financial Planning is the Blueprint of Success



Financial Planning

In an organization financial planning acts as a backbone. Finance is the actual energy that drives the whole organization. Controlling and utilization of this energy is called financial planning. Not even the origination these planning are important to every level even to the individual and individual households. Let us see what are the key points to financial planning. Without planning no organization or an individual can work properly.

Arrangement of Funds:

First the availability of funds is important. What is the use of financial planning without money? There should be proper and sufficient funds available to run an organization or any other project. Moreover, there should be some emergency funds also which may be usable at the time of urgency and emergency. We should know properly from where and how these funds can be raised. A company should arrange the proper money even less money is also a problem and excess money is also a problem. A project comes to standstill if a company is having short funds. A company can issue IPO’s in a stock market to raise the funds. A loan from financial institutions can also work.

Optimization of Funds:

Same as raising funds is important same way handling of funds are also important. Optimization means proper utilization. Sometimes there are excess cash and the main portion of this extra cash remain unutilized. Planning should be in such a way that all this cash should be working. This cash should be invested wisely. An organization can extend its scope of working in many ways with these extra funds. Less money needs less planning and more money needs more planning. If the company is having more than one plan then go for the best plan in the utilization of funds.

Countering unforeseen expenses:

Sometimes the company faces some of the tough times due to many reasons. To face all these tough times and the unforeseen expenses organization should have some reserve funds. In financial planning, there should be some amount left for these emergencies. These reserve funds should be timely topped up whenever they have been utilized.

Division of Funds:

In an organization, there are lots of departments and fields where constant flows of funds are required. Department can be marketing, production, advertisements, etc. Funds planning should be in such a way that all these departments will get proper funds for working. If a department needs more funds than more funds should be allotted to such department. If a department needs fewer funds then fewer funds should be allotted to such department. This will be wrong if more funds required by the department receive fewer funds and vice versa.

This is how financial planning becomes the blueprint of an organization or an individual’s future success story. The smooth running of business needs proper financial planning. When all the strategies are well supported by the proper funds than desired results are just a close by. Financial planning is made before the start of any project and when the project starts these plans go side by side lifelong with the project as a true companion. To quote an example of an amazing financial planner who needs no introduction is Ed Rempel. In regard to Ed Rempel review, all we can say is that he is a certified financial planner, and also blogs according to his experiences and shares meaningful insights.

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