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Features to Look for in Automatic Braking Systems



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Innovation and advanced technology are the driving forces revolutionizing the automobile industry. Car companies continue to compete to stay ahead of the game by developing cars with better fuel efficiency and sophisticated safety mechanisms. Changes and advancements in the automobile industry are fast-paced. Car manufacturers have developed crafty ways to make driver’s lives easier and safer. One of the most recent breakthroughs in car technology is automatic braking systems (AEB). AEB technology provides drivers with an extra resource for avoiding collisions and car accidents. If you want to upgrade to a car with automatic emergency braking, here are some things to consider.

Automatic Emergency Braking: What It Is and How It Works

AEB systems are designed to assist drivers with avoiding a collision or crash. AEB technology was developed by leveraging elements of existing cruise control technology and applying these methods to braking systems. The system works by using sensors to detect when a vehicle is ahead; if it recognizes that the driver is not slowing down, it will automatically apply the brakes. Most AEB systems will give drivers a warning that they are getting to close to a car and then apply the brakes automatically if the driver does not slow down. Currently most AEB systems only work at relatively low speeds; however, more sophisticated systems are being developed to operate at highway speeds and prevent serious crashes.

Features to Look for in Automatic Emergency Braking Systems

In looking for a car that has an AEB system, it is important to look for some key features. Pedestrian detection, dynamic brake support, and crash imminent braking are some important features to look for in an AEB system.

Pedestrian Detection

Some cars with AEB technology come with a pedestrian detection feature. This technology is a great resource for night driving or situations when the weather makes visibility a challenge. Pedestrian detection technology recognizes that there is a pedestrian in front of the car and alerts the driver with some sort of noise to brake. If the driver does not stop, the car will apply its automatic braking mechanism. Pedestrian detection systems are a great tool in preventing an accident from happening.

Dynamic Brake Support

Dynamic brake support is a feature that acts as a supplement to the driver’s braking. If a driver begins to brake but their braking is not hard enough to avoid a collision, dynamic brake support will step in. The technology does not rely as much on traditional friction-based braking systems; therefore, cars that utilize dynamic braking systems require less energy.

Crash Imminent Braking

Crash imminent braking (CIB) systems step in when the driver takes no steps to avoid a collision. If the car detects that a crash is ahead, it will use CIB technology to automatically apply the brakes to avoid a crash or greatly reduce its severity.

Reverse Automatic Braking

Reverse automatic braking is a new technology that has only been implemented into 5% of the cars available in the U.S. This groundbreaking technology uses AEB technology but applies it in the reverse direction. Reverse automatic braking is a great tool for avoiding reverse collisions.

Innovation continues to pave the way for safer roads. As advancements in technology continue at a rapid pace, our roads, highways, streets, and crossways become safer. Investing in cars that use the most contemporary safety mechanisms and features is a worthwhile purchase. People searching for a new car should make sure they find one with automatic braking systems; this groundbreaking technology is a great resource for preventing a damaging crash or collision and supplementing a driver’s natural braking. AEB systems come with a variety of features that enhance the driver’s safety; look for cars with CIB, dynamic brake support, and pedestrian detection.

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