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Features of CRM That Helps in Sales Process



CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can help your business function more smoothly. Having the right CRM Software in place can help you manage your operations and existing customers efficiently.

CRM systems are upgrading by the day and introducing newer features so that companies can easily manage their sales process. Let us look at a few such features that you should consider before deploying a CRM software for your organization.

1) Multiple Pipelines

A good CRM software should offer multiple pipelines that can help your team manage your customers and leads in one single pipeline. It lets you categorize clients as per their current position in the sales journey. This gives you an overview of the entire sales funnel at one glance and helps you plan your sales strategy accordingly.

2) A Complete Customer Profile

CRM tool should give you a detailed profile of each and every customer. Information like lead, the source, previous orders, link to bills/invoices, etc. should be displayed on one page. This can help to find all relevant data related to a particular customer on one page without having through browse through multiple sections.

3) Lead Management

Your CRM should act as lead management software and help to manage and track all leads. This helps to start targeted marketing campaigns that can send relevant marketing/sales communication to your customers. Tracking lead sources can also help you understand what type of leads convert better into clients. You can also find out problematic source areas if you notice a sudden fall in the number of leads.

4) Sales Dashboard

A sales dashboard offers a quick overview of all your sales figures. You could segregate the dashboard to show you numbers like monthly leads, cost per lead, conversion rate, cost per conversion, Net Promoter Score, etc. You can also add graphs and charts to the dashboard for ease of reading and comparing the information. This comes handy during meetings while making reports etc.

5) Data Export and Import

While this may be a simple feature, it is of great importance. Most companies require to export their customer data for multiple reasons. CRM software offers you the functionality to export data in various formats. Some of them also let you select multiple contacts and make changes to all of them at once.

6) Data Access

Your sales team visits multiple prospective clients in a day. If they have access to your entire customer database, they can update it as required and so their jobs more effectively. CRM systems linked to a cloud service having an interactive mobile app makes it easy to add and update customer data from any time and anywhere.

7) Forecasting Sales

Forecasting is a feature using which the CRM system gives you a forecast of your future results, based on your existing data. This allows you to set benchmarks and targets for the team for the upcoming sales period. You can also see how much potential revenue can be expected, how much of that revenue has already been considered into your budget etc.

8) Integration with a Tool for Email Automation

This feature allows you to evaluate the impact and reach of your marketing campaigns. It will showcase all the email campaigns that a particular customer profile has received. It will also show how many of your customers opened the emailer, click on it, etc. You can also create customized customer contact lists and sync them with the lists in your email service provider for ease of sending out email campaigns.

9) Lead Generation, Follow Up Tracking, Quotes, and Reminders

You no longer need to track your calls and follow-ups on an email or an Excel sheet. This information can be made accessible online via your Sales CRM system. It can be programmed such that each time your sales team contacts a client or a prospect, it gets marked on the system.

You can customize it further by adding remarks on how interested/or not the client/lead is. You could also add reminders that notify you when it is time to follow up again.

Deadlines can be assigned for tasks within the Sales CRM system. All quotes generated can be linked with the respective customer’s profile. This gives the sales team a complete overview of what is happening.

10) Ability to Customize

A good CRM system should allow you to customize what data can be shown to whom. If your company has a huge sales team, all information on the CRM system may not be relevant to every sales guy. CRM software lets you set role-based access to information.

For example, only the accounts team should have access to the bills and invoices. It is beneficial to customize every team member’s CRM software experience as per their job requirements.

Too much information and access to tools they don’t need can end up confusing users. A customizable CRM team gives your sales team just the requisite knowledge that allows them to do their jobs efficiently.

To conclude, a comprehensive CRM solution can do wonders to ease out multiple processes in your organization and help you effectively plan your sales strategy. Just ensure you do thorough research and compare solution providers before investing in one that suits your requirements.

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