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Evolution of Education and Technology in the Global Scenario



Evolution of Education and Technology in the Global Scenario

Evolution of Education and Technology in the Global Scenario

Evolution of Education and Technology in the Global Scenario

Evolution of Education and Technology in the Global Scenario

Early education norms

The education system worldwide has gone through a massive change in the past few decades. Initially, in the ancient times, religious education was the only type of education students received. The church in Europe was the one who decided what was wrong and right. One could not question the church’s decision and had to accept anything and everything that the church taught. If someone dared to question the Pope or the people of the church, he/she would be brutally punished. In India, only the upper caste children could be given education. And even then, they were educated based on whether they were Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas or Shudras. Only trade based education was provided to these children. Slowly, but surely, students started asking questions, and the religious education system was largely criticized leading to the evolution of the scientific education system and new subjects like physics and chemistry.

Education in today’s times

The education system and the syllabus has always been controlled by the Government. What the student’s study shapes the way they think and behave. Thus the Governments control what the students learn to promote and develop patriotic feelings in the student. All sorts of flaws and ill-doings of the ruling party are overlooked, and the values that they follow or want to inculcate are highlighted. This system of controlling the education system by the Government was prevalent even during the reign of Hitler and other dictators and is still practised to this date. Depending upon which Government is in power, the values imbibed in the student change. However, due to immense globalization and the internet, we get information on the snap of our fingers regarding anything and everything. This means the students are able to form their own opinions with complete, unbiased information. Even finding higher Medical educational institutions in toledo is difficult nowdays

Globalization was another turning point for the education system throughout the world. Various foreign languages, history and geography of other countries in the world were now taught to the students. The internet was and is a huge source of information. People started studying not only about their own countries and their cultures, but also started taking an interest in world politics and cultures. Nowadays, we follow the trends and current affairs of not only our country but of countries all over the world. Most of the world followed the Presidential elections of the United States of America between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In fact, the amusing fact is that a lot of people are aware of the things happening outside of their country and don’t have an idea of what is going on in their own countries.

Technology in education

Technological advancements are constantly taking place in all fields including education. Learning is not only limited to the classrooms. Unlike olden times where the student would go to school, study and go back home, nowadays communication with the teachers is possible even online. Computer Technology is one of the most sought-after subjects. It has become extremely important to keep up with all the technological advancements to be considered an educated person.

Technology has been introduced in classrooms in many ways including in the form of projectors where teachers can teach the students using videos. It is said that we retain more information when we are taught using audio and visuals as compared to simply audio lectures. Assignments are also given to be made in the form PowerPoint presentations and may be given or submitted through the electronic mail. A lot of the competitive examinations are conducted online. Using these kinds of technological aides while teaching and studying also help students learn how to operate these gadgets and help them keep up with the world. The internet is called the information powerhouse for nothing. People are constantly getting educated through social media apps and the internet.

Education in the future

It is predicted that in a few years artificial intelligence will take over the way the education systems work. They can be used to not only give standardized directions to students but also to grade the tests and take attendance. Virtual reality is another technological aid to various higher educational institutions. Virtual Reality Simulations are used to teach and test students practically. This is already being used in pilot training and other such training institutions.

In India, technology is vastly being used in city schools as well as in UPSC classes, IELTS classes, etc. Lectures are recorded and uploaded on the internet. This gives students the opportunity and the luxury to listen to lectures even online and study from the remotest parts of the countries at any convenient time or place. The evolution of education has been greatly aided by the evolution of technology and vice versa. An increasing number of people are opting to study computers and technology which only aids the advancement of technology.

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