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Essential points to look for while buying a used car



The market for a used car in India is growing. In a survey, it has been found that the numbers of sales for used cars have been steadily rising and is now more than the total of new cars sold. And the most obvious reason behind this is the multiple benefits that one could acquire by opting for a used car.

Regardless if you are buying a used car or a new car, buying a car is one of the most hectic jobs one needs to go through if they are buying it for the first time. One needs to go through endless paperwork that includes the insurance of the car as well as the registration of the car.

And even if someone is buying a used car, they still need to go through this hectic paperwork. But apart from the paperwork, you need to go through other aspects too while buying a used car since you will be buying it from someone who has already used the car.

So, to make things easier for you, we have made a list of some of the most important things that you will find useful when you are about to buy a used car. So, keep on reading if you are looking forward to knowing more about the vital points that one will need while they are opting for a used car.

Used car buying guide

  1. Go through the documents of the car thoroughly

One of the most important things that you need to do after you have settled for a particular car is to go through the papers of the car thoroughly. It is essential that you have gone through the paperwork thoroughly to rule out any foul play. You need to go through the various documents of the used beat diesel bangalore thoroughly such as the insurance paper and the registration paper and the NCB as well. Thoroughly go through all the existing documents of the paper to make sure that it is all up to date.

This will help you to figure out if the car has a history of claims or accidents related cases. You can quickly go through the NCB paper as it is the best way to find out if the car has any existing claims. The more the NCB percentage of the car, the better it is.

Also after going through the multiple documents, the next thing that you can do is match the engine number and the chassis number of the car along with the numbers that have been provided on the documents of the car. Also, after going through the specifications of the car, also go through the filters of the car.

  1. Transfer the second-hand car documents in your name

If the documents of the car are perfectly fine, then it is time for you to transfer them into your name. For this, you will need to submit a certain form which you can acquire from the RTO. The form should be signed by the previous owner of the car and you.  And if the registration of the car falls under some other jurisdiction, then you will need to acquire a NOC certificate from the office of the jurisdiction where the case is registered. Acquiring a NOC certificate beforehand will help you to speed up the RTO process.

  1. Transfer the insurance certificate of the car

After transferring the registration certificate of the car, you will also need to transfer the insurance certificate of the car.

You will need to insurance certificate of the car while you are opting for the transfer of registration of the car. Even if you have transferred the registration certificate, but the insurance of the car is registered under the name of the previous owner, then the RC cannot be transferred which is one of the main reason why transferring the insurance certificate of the car is essential.

  1. Transfer the NCB(No claim bonus)

Unlike the other documents of the car, the NCB certificate of a vehicle cannot be transferred. You have to register a new account for claiming the NCB certificate. And you can use the same NCB certificate even after you buy a new vehicle. The NCB certificate needs to renew from time to time to ensure that the NCB certificate remains updated.

  1. Thoroughly inspect the car inside out before going out for a drive

After you have bought the new car, the next thing that you will need to do is thoroughly inspect the car from inside out to ensure that every part of the car is in its place. And the best way to inspect a car is by hiring a professional who has a thorough knowledge of all the mechanical and electrical functioning of a car.

Once everything is fine you can always style your car with custom-fit accessories such as car mats that keep away from dirt, wear, and slick, retain the car looking clean and promotes a positive image.

So, if you are planning to buy a new car, make sure that you have followed the guide provided above precisely to guard yourself against any loss.

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