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Essential Accessories for Your DSLR Camera



Essential Accessories for Your DSLR Camera

Essential Accessories for Your DSLR Camera

If you’ve already invested in a high-quality DSLR camera from Canon, Nikon or Sony, chances are you’re looking amp up your photography game and take it to a whole new level. Once you have an excellent DSLR camera, the next step is to get appropriate and useful camera accessories, which will help you to get the most out of your DSLR camera.

Listed below are the must-have accessories for your DSLR camera:

1. External Flash

The basic flash that comes with the camera is not that effective. It adds sharp shadows to the image and flattens out the subject way too much. That’s why its handy to get an external flash that can be mounted on top of your DSLR. Doing so will make a great difference when clicking pictures in low-light conditions. Other benefits of having an external flash include red eye reduction in portraits, better illumination of subjects that are at a distance, better control over lighting, etc.

2. Camera Bag

A high quality DSLR camera bag is essential to not only protect & safety carry your camera, but also to conveniently carry the numerous accessories of your camera. There are various types of bags that you can choose from. If you don’t carry too many camera accessories, you can opt for a shoulder or sling bag. If you’re looking for a bag that can carry a single camera with the lens attached you can choose holsters or pouches. Hikers, landscape photographers and professional photographers who need to carry heavy gear over difficult terrain should go for a backpack or a roller bag or a hard case.

3. A Super-Fast Memory Card

While the most commonly used memory card in DSLR cameras is the SD card, there are other formats that are available – Compact Flash, microSD, XQD, CFexpress and CFast. All of them have different fortes and are compatible with different camera models. The memory card you opt for should not only have a large storage capacity, but also have a good data transfer rate and the ability to keep up with the fast burst-shooting speeds. If you’re looking for an economical, multi-purpose card, you can opt for an SD card. If you have an action camera, you’ll need a smaller microSD card. XQD, CFexpress and CFast formats are currently compatible with high-end cameras only.

4. UV Filters

A UV filter is a thin, circular glass filter that attaches to the front of the camera lens and blocks ultraviolet rays. Additionally, it can also remove bluish cast from photos and protect your camera lens from scratches, smudges and cracks. Depending on the type of lens and camera brand you’re using, you can choose the appropriate filter size.

5. Lens Hood

A lens hood is an accessory that you can attach to the lens of the camera to block strong sunlight, protect the lens from dirt, smudges & damage and prevent lens flaring and ghosting. It also improves the overall contrast and colors in a photo. This accessory comes in really handy when you’re shooting outdoors during day time or when there’s a strong light source present outside of your frame.

6. Extra Batteries and Charger

You should always keep a couple of spare batteries and a charger in your camera bag, especially when you’re on a long trip. You never no when you might need one.

7. Battery Grip Holder

A battery grip holder is an accessory that plugs into the bottom of the camera and provides room for an additional battery. The battery grip effectively doubles your shooting time and makes it easy for people with bigger hands to hold small cameras.

8. Wireless Camera Remote

A wireless camera remote is a handy accessory to have especially when clicking group shots or any other images where you want to be in the frame. Shooting hands-free also ensures that no image blurring is caused by even the slightest camera movements.

9. Tripod

A good, robust tripod is a must-have for low-light, night and landscape photography. Always ensure that the tripod you buy can handle at least twice more weight than your camera and lens. Also ensure that the tripod is lightweight and easy to carry around.

And when you shop for these camera accessories online, you can be sure to get jaw-dropping deals and discounts on your purchases.

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