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Electronic Digital Signature – New Business Opportunities with SignNow



Electronic Digital Signature, SignNow, SignNow online, SignNow online for free

Electronic Digital Signature – New Business Opportunities with SignNow

An electronic signature (ES) is a modern solution for any company or business. The service allows you to optimize and automate workflows, quickly create and sign electronic documents from any device, save a budget and much more.
Read more information about ES in Wiki.

SignNow ES – How to Start?

Electronic Digital Signature, SignNow, SignNow online, SignNow online for free

SignNow is a high-end solution, which is easy to get started with when incorporating Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) into your workflow:
1. Complete a simple registration.
2. Get an individual API key to your email.
3. Create an account in a few minutes, gaining access to the so-called sandbox.
4. Done!
It is completely free! No credit card needed. No need to provide personal information. Just register and enjoy all the benefits of SignNow.
SignNow is compatible with many popular programs and applications. Being cross-platform, it allows you to integrate the ES feature into your website or application within 10 minutes.

Advantages of Using SignNow

Cooperating with this provider is more than just applying the ES technology. You can do the next operations and achieve the following goals:
• easily and quickly sign electronic papers;
• create templates that you can fill in online;
• send it to one or more recipients;
• optimize your workflow;
• track employees’ activity;
• reduce time costs.
• save your budget;
• increase your mobility;
• get discounts of up to 50% when purchasing a yearly tariff plan.

Electronic Digital Signature, SignNow, SignNow online, SignNow online for free

While there is no need to write code or change it, the service is compatible with a large number of popular products of famous brands: Google Drive, Dropbox, Oracle, Word, eSignPay, Android, Evernote, Mailchimp, Slack, WordPress, etc.
Thanks to the partnership of SignNow with USLegal, a client can use one of the largest libraries containing several hundred thousand forms related to jurisprudence. The number of this library’s users is about 3 million.
SignNow is an effective solution to improve a company’s business processes in any sphere of activity.

SignNow Document Management Opportunities

The wide functionality of the ES solution from the service will provide you with new features:
• requesting additional documentation;
• setting notification the completion of working on an electronic document;
• sending a paper for a signature to one or several employees (partners) ;
• using a joint signature, when a recipient can send a document to others for signing;
• setting a signing order for your own templates;
• sending templates to several recipients at once. In this case, everyone will have their own copy, which will be signed and filled in;
• creating a link leading to the latest copy of a paper that must be filled in and signed;
• resending a signing invitation;
• the possibility to require drawing a signature instead of submitting its printed version;
• requesting for payment in the form of an additional section in a paper;
• creating invitation documents in any form;
• notifying other participants about the completion of working on a document automatically;
• setting automatic completion of working on a document;
• instant notification in case of a recipient’s refusal to sign a document. Moreover, the recipient can change his mind, and you will also receive a message about this.
Remember that a paper signed by an electronic signature is authentic and legally valid.
Despite a large number of possible options for applying ESs by SignNow, the process of working with them is simple and intuitive.
Read how ES technology can reduce contract approval time by 75% on this website.

Safety When Working With the Service

Applying SignNow’s signatures is the most protected for a client thanks to:
• security measures ensured by Oauth 2.0 – 2048-bit SSL encryption;
• encryption of cardholders’ data in accordance with the PCI DSS standard, which is used in popular payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB International;
• GDPR protection that grants more control over customer personal information;
• HIPAA certification;
• compliance with SOC 2 Type II for service organizations;
• compliance with the 21 CFR standard that allows verifying the identity of electronic documents’ sender and recipient, keeping track of the session duration and logging with time stamps.
As you can see, the SignNow service provides maximum security measures when working with electronic signatures. Using an EDS in electronic documents, their clients can always be sure of the utmost protection of their personal data and the data of their companies.

Answers to Popular Questions

Q: Can I test the SignNow service before paying for it?
A: Of course, you can. A client can use a free trial version for 7 days. It will help evaluate all the benefits and choose the best business plan.

Q: Is registration with SignNow required for my document recipients to sign it?
A: No. A PC, mobile phone or any other electronic gadget is enough to sign a paper.

Q: Can I unsubscribe?
A: Yes, you can do it through an administrator console, which is located in the lower-left corner of the service dashboard.

Q: Is there a monthly limit on the number of signatures?
A: No, the service allows you to work with an unlimited number of signatures.

Q: Does the subscription renew automatically or do I have to do it manually?
A: The subscription renews automatically. You can cancel it at any time from your personal account.

SignNow EDS in a Modern Company

Today, the implementation of the EDS technology is a necessity for any modern business. Thanks to electronic signatures, the interaction between organizations, entrepreneurs, and also within a company gets a boost. The SignNow service is a favorite in working with electronic documents. It will speed up your business and improve its efficiency!

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