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How to download YouTube videos in PC



How to download YouTube videos in PC

How to download YouTube videos in PC


How to download YouTube videos in PC

How to download YouTube videos in PC

With so many people moving on online platform for watching movies and videos, there are innumerable expectations from video streaming apps. It is the latest trend and we leave no stone unturned to enhance our experience. Let us consider YouTube. It is one of the largest sources for streaming videos online. Despite having so many options, it remains our favorite at the end of the day. The only demerit in YouTube is we cannot watch the videos by storing it on our devices. Although it provides the feature to download the video for watching it in offline mode, but users are still craving for exact download feature. In this context, we are here with some of the ways to download YouTube videos on your PC.


Of all the alternatives of YouTube, this one remains unbeatable. Tubemate is favorite app for downloading the video from YouTube and store it in your device or PC. This is a favorite place for all the YouTube freaks because it has all the videos which are available on YouTube. Not only this, Tubemate also has a video player which allows you to watch the videos. Leaving behind other features, Tubemate allows you to download YouTube videos in any desirable format you want and also tubemate for pc is available to download. You can also store it in the form of MP3 song with the help of Tubemate.

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YouTube video downloader website

There are many websites which allow you to download and store YouTube videos on your PC. The steps are really simple and it does not involve any complicated procedure. Follow the steps given below and download YouTube videos on PC.

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  • First of all you must look for a reliable website which allows you to download the YouTube videos on your PC.
  • Open YouTube in one tab of your browser and that website on the other tab of your browser.
  • Play the video that you would like to download on YouTube.
  • Copy its URL from YouTube and paste it in the URL panel on the video downloader website.
  • As soon as you paste the URL, you will have to choose format in which you will be downloading the video.
  • And then, you can click on download button.
  • Your video will be downloaded and you can watch it easily.

Make sure you have Java script in your PC because most of the YouTube video downloader website needs you to have this script for proper functioning.

Get DownloadHelper Extension

There are many extensions available which assist you in downloading the songs, games, videos, etc. from various sites. You can install the DownloadHelper extension for comfortably downloading the YouTube videos on your PC.

  • First of all you must find an appropriate extension for your browser. Make sure it works effectively for downloading the YouTube videos.
  • Install the DownloadHelper extension on your device.
  • Now, use an add-on of the same and place it in your browsing window.
  • Install the add-on and restart your browser.
  • Now you must open the video which you want to download.
  • Click on the download option on your DownloadHelper extension and choose the format in which you want to download.
  • Then you must enter the location of the file where you would like to store the video.
  • The video will be stored in that location and you can watch it anytime.

VLC Media Player

Did you know that this video player can help you in downloading the YouTube videos also? Every computer has this amazing software installed in its system and today we will tell you how to make good use of it. Follow the steps given below.

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  • If you do not have this software, then you can download it for free from any reliable source or its official website.
  • Now open the video you want to download from YouTube.
  • Copy its URL and launch VLC media player on your system.
  • Click on the option which says “Media” and choose the option which says “Open Network Stream.”
  • A new window will be open.
  • Paste the complete URL of YouTube video in this window and click the option that says “Play.”
  • The video will start streaming and now you must select the “Tools” option and choose “Codec Information.”
  • Right click the text which is there in location and click the “Select All’ button.
  • Now you must copy the select text and paste it in a new browser.
  • The video will start playing and you can choose “Save video as” option by right clicking it.
  • Choose the location and save the video. Now, you can watch it anytime.

Hence, these are some amazing ways in which you can download the YouTube videos in a hassle free manner on your PC.


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