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How to download photos & videos from Instagram



How to download photos & videos from Instagram

How to download photos & videos from Instagram

How to download photos & videos from Instagram

How to download photos & videos from Instagram

Things You Need To Know About The Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram is quite famous and well known social media platform. It is basically photo sharing application that works on the Internet and can be easily run both on the desktop and mobile phones. You can easily share both the pictures and videos on your Instagram profile with either private or public visibility mode as per your convenience and wish. Instagram social media platform works both for the Android and IOS platform operating system users. Also, you do not have to worry as it is absolutely free of cost and only requires a valid internet connection to run. Almost all the world has recently been on internet and Instagram as well. You can easily get to know about any of the people with the help of their Instagram profiles as this is simply a secret door to their lives. Instagram is extremely easy to use and you can get to know about the services in a few simple steps.

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What is the need to use Instagram video downloader?

We all are well aware that the pictures and videos cannot be automatically downloaded on the Instagram because of its privacy and security policies. That is why we need to use the Instagram downloader for downloading the videos and pictures from any of the Instagram profile that you like. You can easily save up these videos for future use or to get any kind of recommendation or assistance that these videos can help you in. One of the most popular and used Instagram video downloader is the social down. This tool helps you to easily download Instagram video instadp and other posted images extremely easily with the help of just a few clicks. This tool is easily available online and can be used by any person with utter convenience and ease without any problem to occur. You can use the store with the help of just methods that need to be followed and I mentioned down below for your comfort.

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How to download Instagram videos?

Step 1: If you are thinking of saving any of the Instagram video images, Instagrabber or Instadp that you like in any of the Instagram profile all that is required for you to do is to click on the picture URL and copy it.

Step 2: The copied URL must be pasted in the dialog box that is given on the website allowing you to use this Instagram photo downloader tool. After done with copying the URL half of your work is done and the picture will be automatically downloaded in your gallery.

Step 3: The Other method that you can simply use for downloading the pictures from Instagram is to add a ‘q’ in the starting of the Instagram post URL and hit the enter button.

Step 4: This will surely take you directly to the social down tool and help you to download the desired post. After you are taken to the tool all you have to do is click on the downloaded button provided there and save from Instagram the picture in your phone or the personal computer.

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