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Discover the Top SEO Trends of 2019



SEO Trends

Discover the Top SEO Trends of 2019

Website optimization is a strategic way to improve the ranking of web pages in the search engine results pages (SERPs). However, SEO takes time and does not give you results overnight. You need to be aware of the latest SEO trends and developments to implement the optimization tactics to take your business website to the next level. You need to make changes to your SEO strategies accordingly. Then, such tweaks are beneficial for your website’s performance to drive quality traffic.

Applying these changes can have a major impact on your site’s ranking in the SERPs. However, you need to implement the changes based on the latest SEO trends. It requires your knowledge and learning. Therefore, make time to read online sources, technical SEO blogs, and websites.

According to an article published on, SEO is continuously evolving, changing. You need to stay updated with the trends and learn from them to make your website better. Understanding user intent is essential. What do your targeted visitors prefer, copy, photos, or videos? When a user is typing a query to find answers to questions, your website should provide the answers in a simple way. Even when your website has the perfect copy and optimized for the search engines, but not for the right audience, your business and sales will suffer. Therefore, here are some of the top SEO trends of 2019 you must know:

Voice search will dominate

Voice search is the buzzword now and by the year 2020, the industry experts believe that 50 percent of all internet searches would be voice search. The increased use of voice search is the greatest change as of now. It is entirely different and calls for a unique optimization strategy, unlike normal SEO. The number of Americans using voice search is growing every year. Did you know that 35.6 million US citizens use a voice-based device once a month and one out of six US people have smart speakers?

Google prefers short answers to voice queries and the standard answer length is approx. 29 words on an average. There is a correlation between Google’s snippets and voice search optimization. The answers you get at the top of all the other results with zero position in the search results pages. Try a voice search what is the recipe for pasta and see the results for yourself.

Amazon search optimization

Though it is not easy to see how Amazon search can become Google’s competitor, many experts in the industry believe that the growth of Amazon search will soar in the years to come. Did you know that 72 percent of online buyers use Amazon to look for their favorite products? The fact is based on the findings of a Kenshoo study of customers across the UK, US, France, and Germany. Interestingly, 56 percent of customers search on Amazon and then on other websites. It means that consumers do not need to use Google, another search engine to find what they want to add to their shopping cart. Besides, if you want to learn more about SEO trends of 2019, you can consult with an experienced SEO marketer.

It may become a big threat to Google and its paid ads. If fewer people search on Google for products, it would have a significant impact on its advertising revenue.

Outstanding content

Google will strengthen its focus on the quality of content in the profundity and extent of your website copy. After monitoring the performance of numerous websites in terms of SEO, it was discovered that sites with outstanding depth in the quality of its content ranked higher in the SERPs all through the year. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website and blogs have in-depth and informative content for online visitors. Websites with lame content, on the contrary, have poor rankings in the SERPs.

The experts in the industry look forward to Google for rewarding the websites that provide in-depth content and information as well as best user experience in 2019. Google is constantly updating its algorithms and would continue to do so in the future. It means that if you are just posting content to keep your website blog up and running, it will not help you much. You need to churn out unique information with facts and data that users find valuable, solving their problems quickly.

Your content is not good enough if it just wants to attract some links. Therefore, post long-form content once a week than writing several articles over a week. You need to churn out content that inspires, moves, and connects with your targeted audience. If you can answer a user question correctly, generate leads, improve sales, help with optimization, and show social proof with your content, then you win.


Now that you know about these SEO trends, implement them to improve your website’s performance and rankings in the SERPs. Focus on content above everything else.


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