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The Difference Between a Professional WordPress Developer and Someone Who Knows WordPress



The Difference Between a Professional WordPress Developer and Someone Who Knows WordPress

The Difference Between a Professional WordPress Developer and Someone Who Knows WordPress

On the surface, WordPress is a website development tool that anyone can learn how to use. You might even know someone who has built a few sites in WordPress. Why not get them to build the new site your business needs rather than hiring a professional WordPress development agency in Auckland?

While on the surface anyone can learn how to use WordPress, scratching deeper reveals something much more complex and expansive. As a result, a professional WordPress developer will offer so much more than an enthusiastic amateur learning as they go.

Valuing the Skills and Capabilities of Professionals

Think of it like kicking a penalty in a game of rugby. Sure, anyone can learn how to set a ball on a kicking tee in front of the posts to kick a penalty from 10 metres out.

This doesn’t compare, however, to a professional fly-half kicking a match-winning penalty 40 metres out from beside the right wing in front of thousands of expectant fans after 80 minutes of bone-crunching, lung-busting rugby.

Who would you prefer to hand the ball to when the match is on a knife-edge – the enthusiastic amateur or the professional fly-half? The same applies to your business.

What You Get When You Hire a Professional WordPress Developer

Wide Range of Capabilities

A WordPress website can do just about anything when you hire a professional developer who has the wide range of skills and capabilities to deliver the features you need.

Compare this with an amateur or beginner whose experience is going to be much more limited.

In addition, not only will a professional website developer have experience with a wider range of website types, features, and functions, but they will also have honed their skills and processes to fully optimise their coding and development work.

Design Customisation

Almost all websites built by WordPress amateurs and beginners use a theme. Themes give a website its visual appearance and provide some functionality. Experienced developers sell them as an off-the-shelf solution for those who either want to build a website quickly or who don’t know how to create a customised website.

With a professional website developer, however, you will get a fully bespoke website where the design is unique to your business.

Functionality Customisation

Amateur and beginners will add functionality to the websites they create using plugins. Plugins add new features to a WordPress site. One of the most common is WooCommerce, a plugin that adds e-commerce functionality to a standard website.

Professional developers often use plugins too, but they will customise the code of the plugin to ensure it works exactly how you want it to. You don’t have this option with someone who only knows the basics of WordPress.

In addition, professional developers might decide to create their own code from scratch to give you the functionality you need. This is usually because a suitable plugin is not available. Again, someone who only knows the basics of WordPress would not have these skills or capabilities.

Performance Optimisation

One of the quickest ways to tell whether a website has been built by a professional or not is to look at its performance. This includes page load speeds, search engine optimisation, code structure, and file sizes.

A site developed by a professional WordPress developer will be lean and fully optimised, and it will adhere to current best practices.

Sites built by those with minimal experience are often slow, they breakdown easily, and they are bloated.

Better Return on Investment

The above are technical and functional benefits of using a professional website developer rather than someone who knows a bit about WordPress. There is a compelling business reason too, however – return on investment.

When you take into account the performance of the website, how often it needs to be fixed post-launch, and the results it delivers for your business, you will always get a better return on investment from a website built by a professional.

Maintaining a strong online presence is important to businesses in all industries, so website development is not an area where you should cut corners.


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