Contentmart Review: A platform you can Trust

Contentmart Review: A platform you can Trust

Many people around the globe are facing problems in searching jobs. Increasing demands and competitions within the sectors providing jobs create cumbersome and severe competition among the population, giving a serious impact on the economy and educational factor of the country. However, many people are not aware of their talents and educational importance. People all over the world are adopting western cultures like spoken English, writing on topics of various fields and much more. Today the internet is working so fast and in advance that people are employed in online jobs through the internet. Among these online companies, Contentmart is one of the best content writing companies for those individuals who are having a profound interest in writing and want to work as freelance content writers or enhance their knowledge through professional writings and i am going to give Contentmart Review today in this post.

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Characteristics of Contentmart

Characteristics of Contentmart
Characteristics of Contentmart
  • Contentmart is a massive field of opportunities for both writers searching for freelance jobs and clients who want to hire professional writers to employ them in their own company.
  • It’s a freelancing website which gives the opportunity to the freelance content writers for writing materials for a variety of clients all over the globe and allows them to enhance their passion and talent through writing down quality content.

Contentmart offers amazing content writing services for writers who want to express their passion through words, as well as buyers who want to hire professional writers with the most qualified and fantastic writing skills throughout the world.

The working methodology of Contentmart portal

The working methodology of Contentmart portal
The working methodology of Contentmart portal

Contentmart is very easy to use. Here, the development of a writer is said to be on the level of excellence. The portal is designed simple,and even the user interface is up to the mark. If you’re a freelance writer, you just have to register yourself into the portal to begin your journey on the path of an incredible writing experience.

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How can a freelance content writer register here?

How can a freelance content writer register here
How can a freelance content writer register here

The aspiring freelance content writer needs to provide all necessary details to build a profile on Contentmart after registering for free. About, contact information, educational details, and experience are some of the important fields that are required. Post completing a profile, the candidate needs to maintain a portfolio in order to showcase samples and domain expertise. Also, he/she is entitled to take in-built english tests in order to prove language proficiency to the platform.

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How Can a Content Seeker Register here?

How Can a Content Seeker Register here
How Can a Content Seeker Register here

If you’re in desperate need of good quality content for your blog or website, then you can choose Contentmart as the stepping stone to the world of high-quality content. This website provides content writing services at affordable rates. But before getting to the pricing part, let me tell you that, the client also has to register himself before he hires any freelance content writer, and for doing so, he will have to follow the same steps as a writer himself (steps mentioned above). After a successful signup, the buyer can choose his desired writer.

Different classification of categories available in this portal 

This freelance writing company consist of a variety of writers and hence deals in various categories. The buyer can easily find his desired category and hire the professional writer. The categories include-

  • Copywriter/web content
  • SEO content
  • Content for brochures
  • Articles and blog writing
  • Testimonials
  • Products descriptions
  • Press release
  • Editing and proofreading

Payment options available at Contentmart

Payment options available at Contentmart
Payment options available at Contentmart

The above image indicates the Pay per word rate of Contentmart based on the quality of content the buyer wants which is comparatively less than other content writing companies.This diversification is very helpful for customers as they can quickly decide their budget and calculate it based on the pay rate they opt. The portal also facilitates pay per order mechanism.

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Contentmart Review
Contentmart Review


Contentmart is extremely safe & secure site for payments. The content buyer needs to add funds to the Contentmart wallet before placing an order. Money can be added to the wallet by the means of net banking, debit/credit card, Paypal or Paytm wallet. Once the order publishing takes place, the estimated amount gets blocked from the client’s wallet. Upon successful delivery of quality content, the blocked sum of money is transferred to the writer’s account. In case, the client isn’t happy with the content received, he/she can cancel the order anytime and the entire blocked money gets refunded.

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