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Cloud tech trends to watch in 2018



Cloud tech trends to watch in 2018

Cloud tech trends to watch in 2018

Cloud tech trends to watch in 2018

Cloud tech trends to watch in 2018

Cloud computing was once seen as a storage solution for IT departments but has now become a way forward for many companies. Rather than just being a data drop, companies have begun to explore the cloud and see the opportunities to enhance their processes.

From connection employees around the country and the world, to keeping data safer in the cloud, here are some of the top trends to watch for 2018.

Cloud Trends To Watch

  1. Employee communication and enhanced productivity

    1. Workers who travel, telecommute or operate remotely have been giving companies access to otherwise untapped talent, and the cloud has become the primary place where employees communicate, exchange information and complete projects. Statistics show that 70 percent of companies will be employing flexible workers by 2020. Those that have already taken on mobile employees have reported a 50 percent increase in productivity.
    2. The Bring-Your-Own-Device trend continues to change the way individuals and companies interact. While compatibility was once an issue, it is no longer a problem thanks to innovators like Peter Tassiopoulos, who has found a way for devices to work together in the cloud.
  2. The number of services will grow

    1. Cloud providers are expected to grow nearly 22 percent this year alone. That will make the market worth $186.4 billion, up from $153. billion in 2017.
    2. Of those, Subscription-as-a-Service (SaaS) will rise to 22.2 percent this year, while Infrastructure-as-a-Service will increase over 35 percent.
  3. More businesses plan to move to the cloud over the next few years

    1. Forbes has predicted that 83 percent of companies will be working in the cloud by 2020.
    2. Cloud spending is also expected to rise in 2018 up to $178B from $146B last year.
  4. Hybrid cloud computing on the rise

    1. A hybrid cloud solution is when a company uses both the public and private cloud as well as on-site for their service.
    2. Rather than move all of a company’s workload into the cloud, many have opted for a hybrid solution. This is a way of dipping their toes into the world of cloud computing.
  5. Security will improve

    1. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the cloud’s security has improved. These systems are capable of scanning 24-7 and able to catch data alterations that may be missed by the human eye.
    2. As well, improved compatibility of devices connecting to the cloud will also benefit the overall security of the infrastructure, according to experts like Peter Tassiopoulos has indicated.
  6. Containers will become mainstream

    1. A container is a designed to run a single application. The advantages have been that if something goes wrong with that application, the whole system won’t suffer.
  7. AI improves cloud function

    1. With the ability to analyze behaviors online, AI in the cloud is able to predict actions that can increase productivity.
    2. There is also the potential to recognize problems with applications and suggest resolutions before they become a bigger issue.
  8. Regulated industries will enter the cloud with vigour

    1. Oracle has predicted that regulations issues for some companies will soon be overcome. They estimate that 50 percent of these companies will be operation in the cloud by 2020.


There is no doubt that the world of cloud computing has been growing and will continue to gain more of the IT market share in the next couple of years. With improved service, options and security, the cloud has become the ideal place for the future of business.

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