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How to choose perfect router for your home



How to choose perfect router for your home

WiFi is an important part of today’s world. Almost everything out there is on the internet whether its work related or social life. The most important object which connects your device to the WiFi and helps the internet reach through is a Router.

And, selecting the correct Router is a basic necessity of your internet usage.

Why do you need to choose your Router wisely?

Whether its a pace of your business or household, internet is a big part of everything a right Router is the answer to all the problem faced whether its range related number of users related.

A Router connects you to the internet via WiFi and it is connected to a Modem which encodes and decodes the data. Generally your Router is provided along with a modem by your ISP which is inclusive of the package.

But, it would be wise if one chooses and buys their own Router as per their usage and requirement to have all  the privileges they need. I wanted router for my spectrum cable and I followed this 5 steps for finding perfect spectrum router.

Here are certain points one needs to consider while choosing a correct and Best Router for your House.

#1. Figure out the average speed for your perfect router

It is important for Router to be able to handle the top internet speed stably. You can cross check the top speed your internet service provider provides and the plan you need and choose a Router which can handle minimum that speed.

#2. Number of device connected to router

Your router should not be limited to the number of users. You need to note down the number of devices which will be connected for internet surfing.

You need to consider your Router as well as Internet speed accordingly, you also need to do an internet speed test to have a look over your Router Capability.

#3. Range of the router

Another important aspect of choosing the right Router is the range. Routers generally come with or without antennas.

The ones with no antenna have the lowest range and the ones with antenna have a greater range. Range increases with the number of antennas.

#4. WiFi standard

WiFi is a Global term and 802.11 is the standard used. Routers are generally designated with letters a,b g, n and ac. All these are written on the device or box along with the model.

Ac being the latest is the most use however the 802.11n too is quite used and sold at a less price. It’s good to use ac as it is the latest version but, if one is ow on budget ‘n’ version too woud make it. Other older versions are generally not considered as the top speed will be capped making the internet slow.

#5. Single Band or Dual Band 

Single Band and Dual Band basically are Gigagertz. Single Band is 2.4GHz and Dual is 5 Ghz.

Single band generally works slow during rush hour during more traffic. If you stay in an apartment with local ISP it is preferred to have a Dual Band Router which will have a much wider range comparatively.


These were the basics to be considered while selecting the best Router for you. One can always add their own points like budget or company they prefer along with it and go ahead to buy the best one for themselves. You can use findrouters for best routers research

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