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How Should You Choose the Best Value Logitech IP Camera For You



How Should You Choose the Best Value Logitech IP Camera For You

How Should You Choose the Best Value Logitech IP Camera For You

Like all the good IP cameras, Logitech has some of the best IP cameras in the market. In fact, by simply looking at the design and curvature of their smart cams, you could pick them out from the crowd.

Now, it is common knowledge that there is more to an IP camera than just looks and we agree. Here, we will take you through some of the key features to look for in a great Logitech camera.

  • Footage quality: Logitech never disappoints, especially with the quality of its images. If you are looking for a camera, you will need to first check out its image quality, whether it is a 720p or a 1080 p camera.  If you are to get any meaningful footage for qualitative analysis, then the HD footage is what you will need.
  • Angle of view: Only a handful of IP camera companies have managed to produce angles of view in the range of 180 degrees. Logitech is one of them. This means where you would ordinarily need two cameras, you could use just one if adjusted correctly.

Depending on the size of the room you want to monitor or its shape, you should always go for a camera that focuses on the right places. It may not necessarily be the widest angle.

  • Budget: You should always shop for an IP camera that fall within your budget range. Most of the IP cameras are pretty much affordable, but the costs may soar when you demand more advanced features.  For example, if you need to mark your Logi circle 2 IP camera’s main points of focus, you would need upgrade to a higher subscription package.

You should always, as a matter of principle, strike a balance between the cost of the surveillance camera and its value. Ensure also you consider the additional costs of the accessories that may come with the Logitech IP cams. These may be the plug mounts, weather-proof extension, magnetic mount, window mount or even the rechargeable battery. These increase the total cost of installing your IP surveillance camera.

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Indoor cameras

The other important feature worth your time is the purpose of the IP camera. You should only purchase a Logitech IP camera after you have established whether it is going to be an outdoor cam or an indoor one. For indoor cams, you would need to look at some of the features as night vision. Similarly, you would want to know if it is a wireless IP cam or it has to be plugged into a wall socket.

If you take the example used by this Logitech IP camera review, you notice that some of the top features of the Logitech Circle wireless HD lies in its two-way audio function which lets you speak to a pet or kid at home. Similarly, the images are 4K crisp to let you see every little detail in the house.

Outdoor cameras Logitech camera

For the outdoor Logitech cameras, top of your checklist would be if they are weather-resistant or they may need an extra casing to keep off the rain. The other thing that you will have to look out for is the distanced captured clearly by the camera. The higher-end Logitech cams may offer you face-recognition that is able to differentiate the face of strangers from that of family and raise alerts.

Speaking of alerts, most Logitech IP cams have this special time-lapse feature which selects footages recorded during the day and replays the highlights. This saves you the pain of going through hours of action.

There are a wide range of Logitech IP cameras to choose from. With the information shared above, you should be able to make a logical choice that is sure to guarantee you more value and fun.

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