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How to Choose Best Android Spy Software for Parents to Monitor Child’s Online Activities

How to Choose Best Android Spy Software for Parents to Monitor Child’s Online Activities

Technically, this was another requirement that solved a real life problem for majority of us and therefore, is still in the market and up on booming stage. Spy Phone softwares are one of the many innovations made in 21st century.



In today’s generation parents are often worries about their children and don’t know how to monitor their activities. Android Spy Software is one such software provided by many companies which allows parents to track calls, messages, GPS location, browser and app related activities. Basically, majority of the children’s in this modern generation are attracted to things such as porn, gambling related content, which in turn is not at all good for these children’s.

The spy software therefore helps a parent to control all of the activities happening on their children’s phone.

There are things parents need to look before buying and Spy Software

Choose as per your Monitoring Needs

Diverse mobile phone monitoring applications will give an extensive variety of various highlights. In the event that you don’t have a smart thought about what you require then there is each possibility that you will pick the wrong software. Take a stab at pondering what you wish to screen (i.e. calls, writings or area) and search for an application with these highlights.

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Compare Different Softwares

When you have an unmistakable thought regarding what you need you can begin researching diverse kinds of mobile phone monitoring software. Every Android Spy Software provides different services so parents first need to list out their primary requirements and later compare them with all softwares. Search for one which coordinates your rundown of monitoring needs. Along these lines you can abstain from paying for pointless highlights.

Apart from above things parents often looking for certain features availability in Android Spy Software. We have heard from some parents that after buying some Spy Software they missed important features, thus they changes their spy software later.

In this article, we will also be talking about 7 of the best features of Spy Softwares –

1) Compatibility– Each and every day new smartphone launches in the market and existing smartphone gets new OS updates. Parents are not that tech enthusiastic people so they only know what kind of smartphone their kid is using and that’s it. Parents should also know about their kid’s smartphone and device OS and based on that they need to find software. Many software provides list supported devices on their website so parents can easily get idea about it.

2) Tracking Geo Location


Android Spy Software should provide the feature to track live location of kids remotely. Apart from this parents should also know the kid’s location history along with path which helps them to know kid’s visiting places. TiSPY Android Spy Software allows parents to track and monitor kid’s live location, location history and also allows them to set Geo Fencing alert.

3) Tracking IM (Instant Messaging Apps) – Parents should able to monitor instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts and many other social media IM apps to monitor the texts, images and videos as well.

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4) Website/Application Block – Android Spy Software should able to Block websites that give access to adult content and also helps for block dangerous games such as Blue whale.

5) Tracking multimedia


Parents should aware of kid’s mobile multimedia files (Images & Videos). If kid captured or downloaded any image or video then spy software should able to store and show to the parents even kid deletes that image. This feature must available in Android Spy software.

6) Spy on Text Messages – Android Spy software should able to track & monitor text SMS & MMS from kid’s smartphone. These software should provide the details of messages even if kid’s deleted them from their smartphone

7) View Live Surroundings – Many Android Spy Software or Parental Control Software allows parents to view live surroundings of kids by using their smartphone’s camera and microphone. This feature is very crucial and useful because parents can easily monitor surroundings of kid’s remotely from anywhere.

It is only advisable for parents to use the Spy software if you are in mix of whether their children’s are in wrong direction or have access to wrong type of content or don’t have disciplined surroundings.

If the children find out that his phone is being spied by his/her parents then might create a huge gap in their relationship. Different countries have different regulations governing usage of Spy softwares, so before buying software do keep a check on the laws of your country.

Spy Software is to be said one of the best/most efficient tools to prevent childrens getting into wrong direction in this digital world.