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What would cause a refrigerator to stop getting cold



There can be several reasons behind your refrigerator not getting cold some of the best refrigerators in India can also stop keeping your water and milk cold. Refrigerators are not a simple machine and you will have to do several tests to find out what could cause a refrigerator stopped getting cold.

Before you start with some common tests you should start with some basic troubleshooting like checking the temperature control settings, shift your setting to a colder one and see if this fixes your problem if not then check the food load make sure it’s not blocking the air vent and prevent it from cooling your refrigerator. Now if you have done that and still your refrigerator isn’t getting cold then let’s start with some common problem and how to troubleshoot them.

Some common problem that causes a refrigerator stops getting cold.

Damaged electrical outlet

Open the refrigerator door and see if the light turns on if the light doesn’t turn on which means the refrigerator is not getting power from the electrical outlet, check the electrical outlet in which the refrigerator is plugged in. You can Check by inserting any other electrical appliance into the electrical outlet and see if it’s working, If not then get the Outlet repaired by some electrician.

Old refrigerator gasket

Refrigerator gasket is the seal applied to the door of the refrigerator to prevent cold air from getting out of the refrigerator. The seal becomes loose over time you can ensure this if the refrigerator door opens easily without applying much force this can cause the refrigerator to leak cold air. You can replace the refrigerator gasket if necessary.

Dirty condenser coil

The condenser coil is usually located at the bottom side of the refrigerator and can be seen easily. If the condenser coil is dirty then it prevents it from maintaining proper temperature. The coil expands heats when the refrigerant passes through them when dirt forms on the coil it makes the condenser less efficient, So check the condenser coil and clean if it is dirty.

Excessive frost build up on the evaporator

Sometimes the evaporator is caked with frost which can inhibit cooling you may need to check and troubleshoot this issue with the automatic defrost system which uses a defrost heater.

Evaporator fan

The Evaporator fan pulls air from the evaporator coil and regulates throughout the refrigerator, it is located in the freezer compartment and it its stops circulating air throughout the refrigerator then the freezer will still get cold but the refrigerator isn’t. To ensure this you can try turning the fan motor blade by hand if it doesn’t spin then you should get the evaporator fan motor replaced.

Condenser fan

The Condenser fan pulls out air from the condenser coil and compressor the refrigerator will stop cooling properly is the condenser fan stops working. you can ensure this by checking the fan blade for any blockage or by turning the fan motor with your hand if the blade doesn’t spin then you have to get it replaced and if the fan motor isn’t rotating then you have to get it repaired

Temperature sensor

The thermostat is a temperature sensor that controls air temperature inside the refrigerator. If the thermostat stops working then it affects the start and stop of your cooling cycle and doesn’t cool your refrigerator at all. It is a common part and can be easily replaced.

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Top 5 Websites to buy Home Appliances



Top 5 Websites to buy Home Appliances

Top 5 Websites to buy Home Appliances

Top 5 Websites to buy Home Appliances

Home appliances are the basic need of any house. They help us to get our work done easily and without much hassle. Some years ago, home appliances were not much popular due to low availability and high price. But now the scenario has changed, almost every house has a variety of appliances that are used. With the expansion of market and availability of appliances on e-commerce websites in large number, the demand of home appliances has increased and also are easily available to everyone. So, if you are planning to buy some home appliances, then here is a list of top 5 websites from where you can buy home appliances along with discounts and various other offers.

  • Amazon

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in India, based on its revenue and market capitalization and second largest based on its number of sales. Almost everything is available on the website from small needle to large air-conditioners. Amazon also has its other parts like, Amazon Prime where you can see various movies and series by subscribing to it paying some amount based on the time period of your subscription and Kindle where you can buy e-books and read it on your mobile, tab or Kindle tab.

The website provides various offers and discounts to its customers. For expensive products there are EMI options available, in which you pay small amounts monthly till you pay the full amount. The EMI amount and interest rates vary from bank to bank. Also, there are free shipping services available along with various exchange, return and replacement offers. Presently, amazon covers all the pin-codes across India for delivering its products, which makes it the website with vast network.

Currently, there are various offers going on home appliances at amazon. With the option to choose from more than 50,000 home appliances product, the website is giving 30 % off on large appliances like AC, fridge, washing machine, etc., and up to 50% off on small appliances like water purifiers, iron, mixer-grinders, etc. The company is giving 10% off if customers pay using cashless modes. Also, the website assures quality by delivery products from established companies like Usha, Orpat, Philips, etc.


TATA CLiQ is a part of TATA group, one of the oldest companies in India selling variety of products. The company is a newbie in the world of e-commerce, yet it has climbed the top within a very short period of time It is the first company in India to introduce phygital on e-commerce platform. Phygital is the form of marketing that connects both physical and digital form of marketing.

The company sells variety of products like clothes, jewellery, electronic appliances and other home appliances. With the introduction of phygital, the company now serves a wide range of online and offline customers. So, if you are one of the old school type and want to physically view and test the item before buying it, then this website provides you with the facility of locating nearby brand store through the app and do the purchase physically. For customers who don’t hesitate relying on online services, it provides with a wide range of options to choose from. Also, with the help of phygital, in return policy, door to door pickup and dropping off at nearby store facilities have been provided to the customers. The company covers wide range of brands like Samsung, LG, Bajaj, Philips, etc. The company has started delivering at most of the cities across the country with faster delivery services.

There are various easy EMI options available on various products and also there are various ongoing Tata Cliq offers and discounts for the customers. As per the on-going hot offers, there is 50% off on TV, up to 50% off on Trimmers and Shavers and hair dryers are available at price below Rs 999. There is up to 35% off on water purifiers, up to 30% off on vacuum cleaners and up to 70% off on headphones.

  • Flipkart

Flipkart is a Bangalore based Indian e-commerce company, claimed to be biggest start-up in India. It is currently the toughest competitor of Amazon in India in the field of e-commerce marketing and the biggest Indian e-commerce market with over 80 million products in 80+ categories and over 100 million registered customers.

The company sells variety of products from clothes, shoes, books to electronic gadgets and heavy appliances. Like Amazon, various exchange offers and discounts are also available on the website and you can also avail EMI on various products. Flipkart product delivery now covers all the cities across the country. The website also provides free return policy, easy exchange offers and free doorstep delivery on most of its products.

The company is providing amazing deals on home appliances in its summer sale. Up to 10% discounts on HDFC credit and debit cards with other offers in EMI transaction. Up to 50% off on water purifiers, up to 55% off on AC, 50% off on fans, 40% off on desert coolers and 65% off on inverters. The products are from well established companies like Samsung, Voltas, Symphony, Usha, etc.

  • Snapdeal

Snapdeal is another Delhi based Indian e-commerce company. It is really popular among customers when it comes to online shopping. Presently it may not be at the level of amazon and flipkart in India, but still is one of the established India e-commerce marketing platforms. The company assorts 35 million+ products in 800 plus categories from various local, national and international brands.

It sells variety of products from fooding stuffs, books, clothes to home appliances. The company has been people’s favourite due to its wide range of products available at cheap and really affordable prices. Another thing that has made the website a demanded one is the amazing delivery speed of its products. It delivers in about 6000+ cities across the country and in a period less than other websites. Various offers and discounts are available on different category of products. Facility of EMI transactions are available on costly products and appliances.

The company deals with variety of well known brands like LG, Voltas, Hitachi, Bajaj etc. The ongoing deals on the website includes up to 10% off on HDFC, HSBC and Axis Bank debit and credit cards. Kitchen and daily need appliances have up to 70% discount on them, up to 50% off on fans and inverters, up to 46% off on coolers and AC. Also, various ongoing deals and offers are available depending on the brand of product you shop.

  • Paytm Mall

Paytm is a Noida based Indian e-commerce cum digital wallet company. Paytm Mall is a part of Paytm, it mainly focuses on e-commerce marketing and provides to shop from a wide range of product in various categories. The website got its popularity due to the amazing cashback and discount offers it provides on its product.

Paytm mall has perhaps the biggest variation in category of products. From general purpose item, clothes to electronic appliances and motor vehicles, the company lets us to choose from a wide range of products. It delivers at most of the cities across the country with free delivery option on various products. The website comes with exciting offers every weekend with sale of various products at Paytm Sunday Bazar. Paytm Mall has easy return and refund policies with no questions asked. It sells various quality checked and tested products under the Paytm Mall Promise tag.

There are various summer deals going on the website. ACs are available at no cost EMIs with the offer of free installation and free stabilizer with it. Also, there is additional 10% off on ICICI bank credit and debit cards. Other offers include up to Rs 10000 cashback on ACs, 50% cashback on coolers, up to Rs 4700 cashback on dishwasher machine and many other exciting deals on air purifiers, washing machines and variety of products.

The summer is on and the demand of home appliances like AC, cooler, fans, juicer, etc. are high. But the heat outside is burning. So, why to step out of home and hop from shop to shop when you can shop from the comfort from home on these websites and get some real exciting offers and deals. Happy shopping.

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Looking for something to upgrade your personality? Always wanted a thick dense beard but has no idea how? Or tried many ways, all in vain? Well, don’t waste much time there, because we are delighted to present the best beard oils in India under Rs.800. Add a new charm to your personality with thick and attractive beard. So let’s get started!

  • Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil

Beardo beard oil is specially formulated to increase the length of beard along with enhancing the texture and thickness of it. The oil seeps deep inside the roots of beard and make it shiny.

The oil prevents itching by moisturizing the skin by seeping deep inside the hair roots, provides conditioning, and manages fizzy hair.

Price for 50ml: Rs.750

Purchase this excellent beard and hair oil at Flipkart upcoming end of reason sale at heavy discounts.

Beardo Beard Growth Hair Oil

  • Trumen Beard Growth Oil

This beard oil is specially formulated for beard and moustache. It provides moisturization to hair strands all day and prevents itching and dryness. Along with this, the beard oil also gives a smooth and shiny texture to the beard and stimulates growth. The oil is also a natural product made with essential oils that penetrate deep into skin.

Price for 30ml: Rs.550

Trumen Beard oil Beard Growth Oil From TruMen for Thicker, Soft and Healthy Hair 30ml (1.01 fl.oz) Hair Oil

  • UrbanGabru Beard Oil

This unique product claims that it gives a mess free thick beard which people would for sure admire. Add some fragrance to your beard with this excellent beard oil which also stimulates growth and keeps etching at bay. The beard oil is composed of natural ingredients such as argon oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, orange oil, and menthol. You can grab this beard and facial hair oil at upcoming flipkart sales and avail the maximum discount possible on this product.

Rs.350 for 30ml

UrbanGabru Beard Oil Natural Growth Softener - Conditioner - 30 Ml Hair Styler

  • Viking’s Classic Beard Growth Oil

As the name suggests, this beard oil is used to tame and control the frizz of beard. It is made of 100% natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, peppermint oil, Argon oil, cedarwood oil, and mandarian oil.

This oil helps in attaining softer, thicker and shiner facial hair along with keeping the beard itch free, beard-druff free and hydrated.

Rs.499 for 30ml

Wishcare VIKING'S - Classic Beard Growth Oil & Beard Comb

  • Ustraa Mooch and Beard Oil

Ustraa mooch and beard oil is a combination of 4 oils along with sunflower oil which helps in controlling frizz and provides shine and tackles dryness. One of the ingredients, evening Primrose oil, helps in curing hair follicles and also fights fungi, yeast and dandruff.

This beard oil claims to be SLS and parabens free and retains the effect till 12hours until washed.

Price for this oil is Rs.599 for 35ml. You can get this oil at an amazing discount of upto 70% in the flipkart upcoming sale.

Ustraa By Happily Unmarried Mooch & Beard Oil (Set of 2)

These were some of the best beard oils available in India for men under Rs.800. the best way to pick the beard and facial hair oil is as per your requirement and skin type. Look for the product that offers the qualities your skin can use to get nutrients. Happy Grooming.

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Oppo Find X specification, release date & design concept



Oppo Find X specification, release date & design concept

Oppo has launched it’s Find X smartphone in Paris and made an official declaration that it’s their first global smartphone. Though there is a lot to say about the elegant phone, there are two things which stand out. First is it’s high-end slide out cameras and the other is the bezel-less screen. Oppo has sent out the invitations for their upcoming event in New Delhi in July. Oppo Find X is set to be launched in India on June 12. Oppo Find X is directly aimed at Samsung Galaxy S9+, Apple iPhone X, and Huawei P20 Pro. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about this exciting new phone like price, specification, design concept and release date in India etc.

Oppo Find X


The new Oppo Find X smartphone runs on Android 8.1 Oreo operating system. It features a 6.42-inch display and 1080 x 2340 pixels screen resolution. It’s powered by an octa-core processor of 2.5 GHz which is paired with 8GB RAM. Oppo Find X is powered by 3730 mAh battery. The internal storage is 256 GB. Oppo Find X definitely attracts the selfies lovers with it’s 25 MP front shooter camera. It has a 16MP rear camera. It’s a dual SIM smartphone with GSM + CDMA both. It has got all the connectivity options like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G. As far as sensors are concerned, there is a proximity sensor, light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. One thing to note is that there is no fingerprint sensor on this phone. Adreno 630 GPU assures that you have a seamless gaming experience. Oppo Find X primarily uses 3D facial scanning to unlock.

Design Concept

The design concept of Oppo Find X is super impressive. The all-screen design makes it really hard to ignore or overlook this phone. Moreover, it’s the first phone in the world to feature a screen to body ratio of almost 94%. In simple terms, it just means that there are no bezels on the three sides of the phone. Of course, there is a tiny chin at the base of its screen. Oppo deserves applause for skipping the controversial notch screen design which was set forth by Apple with their iPhone X. The notchless display in Oppo Find X is undoubtedly the best feature which makes it one of the coolest premium smartphones in the market today. Vivo Nex comes next with a screen to body ratio of 91%. Oppo Find X weighs about 186 grams and 156.70 x 74.30 x 9.40 are its measurements.

Oppo Find X is available in 2 color variants – Glacier Blue and Bordeaux Red. Both are looking gorgeous and premium! Oppo must be applauded for the innovation on Find X. There are 3 onboard cameras and all of them are invisible. The cameras just pop up when we open the camera app. Or else they remain hidden. The slide out motorized camera system moves back to the chassis of the phone when the camera app is closed. As per the claims of Oppo, it takes 0.5 seconds for the camera to pop out of the chassis.

Oppo Find X

Release Date

Oppo is gearing up to launch their first global smartphone Oppo Find X in India on July 18, 2018. The tagline on the invitation goes like this – “Find what you have been looking for until now”. It’s bold and inviting at the same time. But the name of the new device is not mentioned on the invites. Oppo’s Indian Twitter account has been throwing hints about its arrival in India very soon. So, many gadget lovers believe that they are going to launch it in India on July 18, 2018. Find X is already launched in Chana and Oppo is all set to launch it in Europe and North America in August.

The expected price range of Oppo Find X is INR 75,000 – 80,000. It’s pretty expensive but it’s feature packed just like iPhone X and Galaxy S9+ etc. It’s a bit disappointing that the screen resolution is full HD and not QHD. Wireless charging, waterproofing are some other premium features which are missing in this smartphone. However, the design and the exciting features like slid cameras are definitely innovative and attractive. Keep visiting our blog as we are soon going to post a full-blown review on Oppo Find X.

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