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Cars24 App review: Features that changed the car trading business in India



Cars24 App review: Features that changed the car trading business in India

Cars24 App review: Features that changed the car trading business in India

Cars24 is one of the most dominant services regarding the buying, selling and, in general, trading of cars on to a big platform which is accessible throughout India. Since their arrival in the market, the scenario and approach of people to sell their used cars and for buyers also have been changed and that too a lot. Back in 2015 when the services and organization of Cars24 were in its initial phase.

This was the time when services and platforms like Quikr and OLX were quite famous for the trading of old and used commodities. But, the fact that these platforms did not focus on one aspect or genre, it made the task of finding the right commodity was very difficult.

Also, the fact that there was no for sure price as to what a seller should expect for their car was something which was quite problematic. The reason behind this being an issue was that either people under priced their car but most of the time the cars in the listings were way too overpriced as per their condition. This is why most of the people failed to trade their car as no one wants to spend their money on something that cost less.

But, since the entry of Cars24 services into the trading platforms in India, people can now buy and sell used cars pretty easily. Not only have they offered professional evaluators who will help you to get the most accurate price tag for your car but also they offered the connectivity on all the relevant platforms so that all the products in the listings can get an amazing exposure.

So, today we will discuss how the Cars24 mobile app changed the car trading practices in India and we will also talk about its various features that are pretty handy for the users. So, let’s get started Cars24 app review.

How does the mobile application of Cars24 works?

Just like most of the other trading platforms in India, Cars24 also has its mobile application on both the android as well as iOS platform. Apart these two, the website and Native web applications are also present for PC or Mac users. As for Mobile applications, the usage is pretty sleek and can be easily used by most of the people without the need for any help from others in the operation of the app.

The mobile application of Cars24 offers the user a variety of features and services that they can use to buy and sell cars. So, in order to understand how the application works, we need to understand it from the viewpoint of both sellers as well as the buyer. So, let’s start with understanding how a seller can use the application.

From the Sellers’ point of view: For a seller, the mobile application of Cars24 is quite impressive as it covers all the aspects that a seller will need for the trade. All a seller has to do is to register their number and name to create an account. Once done, they can apply for their car inspection where Cars24 will send their professional to check for the quality and state of the car so that the seller gets an idea as for what they should look forward too.

Now, as the evaluation of the vehicle is completed, if the seller wants to move forward with the approximate price bracket, the car is posted in the listings which can be accessed by both buyers as well as other affiliated companies who buy straight from Cars24 and use them.

From the Buyer’s Point of view: For a Buyer, it is pretty important to have an application which is user friendly and can be accessed on different platforms, this is why Cars24 have their application on both of the popular mobile platforms which is Android and iOS, also the User Interface is pretty simple so anyone can operate it very easily.

The best part about the app of Cars24 is that it offers the condition of the car first hand so you need not worry about visiting an owner to spectate the car only to get disappointed and wasting a lot of time.

Some of the additional Features of Cars24

Cars24 App review

Cars24 App review

Following are some of the features that you will come across while using the application of Cars24:

  • Booking for Car Valuation: One of the best features of the mobile application is that you can book the car valuation instantly without any hassle. This feature is just at a click of a button, this is handy and saves you from all the hassle to drive your car to an evaluator.
  • Inspection Report: Inspection report allows a buyer to get to know about the condition of the car. This helps them to get the most precise and important information. Also, Cars24 backs up the inspection report themselves which means that you can trust everything on this report sheet.
  • Online Auction: All the cars that are inspected by the professionals are put into the database of Cars24. Once they get their place in the database, they are put on the online auction. This auction is what we call the listings. These listings are all the cars that are displayed on the mobile application for the buyers to choose from.
  • Location to the nearest Branch: You might not know for sure as for where the nearest branch of cars24 is located. But, you do not need to worry about this as the application offers you an in-built database which offers you all the information that you need to reach the nearest Cars24 outlet. This map and directions are accurate and will help you to reach the outlet without any hassle.
  • Customer care: Lastly, one of the most commonly used features is Customer care. The Mobile application of Cars24 gives you the ease to contact the customer care team directly from the application saving you from the trouble of contacting them manually.

So, this is a full-fledged review of all the features that you will enjoy in the mobile application of Cars24. The app is in itself quite well featured so, if you are looking forward to trading in used cars, then it is worth checking out.


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