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Can Smartphones Turn Your Kids into Criminals?



Can Smartphones Turn Your Kids into Criminals

If we are asked is smartphone safe for a kid the answer would be in negative. There are many reasons why a smartphone is not suitable for kids and even teens. In this post we will talk about the possible dangers of smartphones for kids, what parents should know when they buy their kids a smartphone and can a smartphone turn your child into a criminal?

As time is passing, the use of smartphones is increasing and becoming more popular. There are so many types of smartphones in the world now that let people enjoy the best experience. Companies in competition with each other to offer cheaper versions but with better features and specs. This competition is due to the users and their high demands when it comes to specs and features. However, kids are the most affect age group from smartphones.

Why Smartphones Are Not Really Good for Kids?

According to experts, smartphones have ruined a completely new generation. It was almost 2005 and later when smartphones became extremely popular and cheaper. People born after the 1990s were the most affected at that time as they developed a complex to have the best phones. As time passed, the trend followed the new generation after 2000. Even now kids up to 12 have more than one device.

It Leads to Social Media Addiction

The biggest issue of smartphones is that they cause time wastage. Kids spend most of their time on the internet using social media and other sites. These sites are really engaging and can make you spend hours without realization. The growing tendency to use social sites, as well as dating sites, is harmful to the kids. On these sites, teens share too many details and information that should be protected.

Smartphones Create Bullies

Cyberbullying is the by-product of the internet and social networking sites. When a kid is bullied, it affects the child. The child can also become a bully when he or she becomes younger. Furthermore, bullying is dangerous and ruins the inside of a child. Parents should understand how harmful this can be for their children.

It Affects Their Mental Health

Spending a lot of time on smartphones and using the internet has serious effects on physical as well as mental health of the kids. A study has found that social media use is causing depression is teen girls. This is just one finding and many other studies have found harmful effects of the internet and smartphones on the mental health of children.

Adult and Porn Content is Accessible

When a kid is given the smartphone, they use the internet to browse so many things. Nowadays, many sites run ads that show intimate scenes. Such scenes make kids click those ads and they land the adult sites. From this, they do further research and access porn sites. At a young age, kids become addict to porn sites and content and ruin their lives.

Videos Games Lead to Crimes

Apart from using the internet on smartphones, kids also spend a lot of time playing video games. There has been an improvement when it comes to the games. Such games are all about killing targets and destroying opponents. The shocking thing is teens are now trying all this in real life. There have been multiple shooting incidents in the US last year. Most of them were young boys who were impressed with video games and how people are killed. They just tried to implement those skills on human beings. This is how a smartphone can make your teen a criminal.

How Parents Should Handle the Use of Smartphones?

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The use of smartphones among children is not really fine. Kids use phones for a lot of things and even can become criminals. The way teens bully people on social sites can land them in prison. Parents should think about it how they can ensure the safe use of phones in their children.

First, parents should not allow the use of phone up to a certain age. Whenever they have to buy their kids a smartphone, parents should get a promise from the kids they will not phone for illegal things, wrong activities and to waste their time. Lastly, parents should a BlurSPY Android spy to check the use of smartphones of their kids. A monitoring app will allow parents to track their kids and monitor the use of the internet.

Aline writes about the latest technology trends. She is an expert in digital parenting and mostly covers cell phone spy reviews and some digital mom’s related stuff about the dangers our children face every day on the internet! Her work turns around the most recent in Android spy app like BlurSPY

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