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Campaign Monitor Review



Campaign Monitor templates


Campaign Monitor Review

Campaign Monitor Review



A month whole this month I was using Campaign Monitor and would like to share my impression about using this service. It is very easy to understand service. To use it, you do not need in-depth technical knowledge, so you can cope with it without even having an idea of what HTML is.

Campaign Monitor Review


Types of letters and templates

As in some other services, you can choose one of the free templates that are available out of the box. There are about 70 templates in total. If you have a readily written letter in HTML code, you can import it into the service. An ordinary text message can also be sent, however, the service will not be able to track the number of clicks and openings of such letter.

With the help of a lettered preview, you can see how exactly the sent letters will look on the recipient’s computer and mobile phone. Therefore, you can be sure that your customers will get everything exactly as you conceived. If you do not like something, you can always edit and customize the template.

Campaign Monitor templates

Campaign Monitor templates

If you want to use the template again, then all your settings will be saved in a special library, so you can easily use it again in the form in which you set it up.

Any other useful things?

  • Integration with Salesforce, GetFeedback, Zendesk, and other applications, about 250 integrations;
  • Good articles on email marketing on the official website.

Interface example:

Campaign Monitor templates

Campaign Monitor templates


Campaign Monitor has the ability to integrate with Google Analytics so that you can track the success of your marketing campaigns and adjust them to achieve the most effective results. Of course, there are built-in reports, which themselves are quite detailed. A built-in A / B testing capabilities are also convenient.

Campaign Monitor


As for the cost, everything is very simple: there are three options. It is possible to pay for a month without a limit on the number of sent letters, or a flat fee for each letter. Price depends on the total number of subscribers. The first method is suitable if you plan to send many letters and you have a large number of subscribers. The second will be convenient if you are not sure how often and in what volumes you will be doing the newsletter.

With the number of subscribers from 500 to 2500, you will pay $ 9 ($ 0.0036 per letter). If you do not limit yourself in the number of sent letters, then you will have to pay $ 29. With the increase in the number of subscribers, the cost will grow.


Campaign Monitor is good, especially for beginners. All settings are very simple, and the functions of the service are enough for effective email distribution. The best way to found out more is to try it.

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