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Buggati chiron here is the new model



buggati chiron

Buggati chiron is Here

buggati chiron

buggati chiron

Buggati sports car back on track, Buggati veyron is best sport car.After veyron, The chiron is launched but this time it is with more powerful engine.It has new carbon fiber body which increase speed of the car. weightlessness. The car really made like a shark,Beacause the colour  and body.body is fully designed aerodynamically,it will pick up superb speed.


The car has capacity for two person and it comes with two leather seats,we can choose our own colour.

  1. The inside of the car has classic and morden look(the car supports BT ,Navgation,audio,etc.) .
    For safety the car has multi air bags and automatic gear and the gear has different modes (N,P,R,S,A,+,-)because of the auto shift There is no effect on the speed.

Outside:-The outside of the car has shinny weightless paint and fog led light.Reverse parking sensor.and ABS.


The engine build with 1479hp and

With W16 cylinderengine which is more powerful than v16 engine.The engine located on middle side of the car .like Audi R8


The accelerate from 0-100 in 2.5(62 mile per hour)May
be the Fastest branded car in next year.

  1. Breaks:- Buggati chiron has all wheel drive with four disk break and spoiler on back end side of the car. When the car breaks the speed limit the spoilers are get up automatically.Because of the aerodynamic design the air touches the spoiler the spoiler reduce the speed of the car.when car takes the sudden break the disk get hot.To reduce the heat of the disk.The break is made up of heat resistance.
buggati chiron

buggati chiron

Fuel capacity:-

It has capacity for 100L Fuel.At full speed the car 100 L covered by 8 mins.

Releasing date & price:-

Chiron will be available in end of the 2016.The cost of the car is (2.6million€) ( 1.9million)and (2.66 million $)..In india may be (17.7cr®)