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Beyond Agile: Reorganizing It For Faster Software Delivery

Beyond Agile: Reorganizing It For Faster Software Delivery






Developing reliable and glitch-free software can be a bit easier said than done. The key to having success with the software development process is hiring the right team. A recent study shows that nearly 33 percent of the small businesses polled claimed hiring talent was the biggest challenge they faced in regards to software development.

Once you have hired the right employees to develop software, your main goal should be keeping the projects they are working on organized. One of the best ways to bring a higher level of organization and productivity to your software builds is by adopting the agile philosophy.

This philosophy thrives on collaboration and building software in small increments. When done correctly, this way of taking on a software development project can be extremely successful.

Read below to find out more about how you can use agile to speed up the software development process.

The Core Principles of Agile

Are you trying to embrace the agile philosophy in your software development projects? If so, you need to follow these core principles.

  • Bringing Together Your Business and Technology Teams- The first thing you have to do to make agile successful is to bring your business and technology teams together. Allowing these two teams to collaborate will allow you to get the most out of a development project.
  • Writing Test Cases Before the Development Process Begins- One of the key components of the agile philosophy is test-driven development. Writing out a number of test cases to put a new software program through during the development process is essential. The information from these tests will allow your team to optimize the program in real-time.
  • Daily Meetings are a Must- Since the agile philosophy is based on collaboration, scheduling daily team meetings is a good idea. During these meetings, the various teams you have working on the project can talk about the problems they are dealing with. Often times, these meetings are essential when trying to build and deploy top-notch software quickly.

By following these core principles, you can give your team the tools they need to be successful.



Know When to Adjust the Size of Your Team

The first instinct you probably have when trying to get more work done during a software development project is to hire more team members. While this may seem like a great way to increase development speed, it can actually create more problems.

In order to hire the right team members for this project, you will have to conduct a series of in-depth interviews. The time you spend on these interviews will cause you to become less productive. Hiring a new team member will also require you to spend time training them.

Instead of rushing out to hire new team members, you need to think about increasing the workload of your existing employees. When using the agile philosophy, you will be able to assign a lot of small jobs to one employee. This will help to ensure the employee is not overloaded and that the jobs in question are performed correctly.

Avoid Complicating the Software Development Process

One of the main mistakes most business owners make when it comes to software development is using a system that is too complex. The more complex the software development process becomes, the longer the project in question will drag on.

As the complexity of a piece of software increases, it will also be harder to add new features or spot bugs in the program. Rather than confusing your team with overly-complicated programs, you need to work hard to keep it simple. Often times, the agile philosophy works much better when all team members are on the same page.

Most business owners fail to realize that highly skilled developers tend to build less complex systems. This is because they have previous experience, which helps them figure out what needs to be avoided during the software development process. Taking the time to find highly-skilled developers can benefit your company greatly and make the software development process more successful.



Put Collaboration at the Top of Your List of Priorities

When planning to develop a new piece of software, you need to find ways to make collaboration easier for your team. Doing things like investing in the right project management software and instant messaging programs can be beneficial.

The harder you make it for team members to communicate throughout this software building process, the more problems you will ultimately have to contend with. Encouraging a high level of collaboration will allow you to increase productivity levels while improving the overall quality of your software program. Also, getting the outside perspective can help you discover errors and other functionality issues within your code. Programmers with more experience can help you figure out how to aggregate your logs.

By fulling embracing the agile philosophy, you can produce higher quality software in a shorter amount of time. Rather than getting frustrated during the agile adoption process, you need to lead by example. As time goes by, your team will start to see the benefit of using this philosophy during the development of new software.

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