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Best ways to make gold in World of Warcraft Classic



World of Warcraft Classic

Best ways to make gold in World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is releasing very soon and we already know that Blizzard are taking care to stop people from using bots and macros to auto farm WoW Classic gold. So things might be a little bit different this time around however, we’ll have to wait for release to know for sure. Either way it doesn’t hurt to start planning in advance for those systems to no longer work. Today we are looking at how to earn that precious World or Warcraft gold in the Classic version of the game.

Best Professions

The first thing then is to be mindful of what professions you select for your characters since some are more profitable than others. Back in the day herbalism was the best but mining and skinning were up at the top as well. When it comes to gathering focused professions, they had the clear advantage since they didn’t need you to spend gold to make more gold. You could just collect it from the world around you as you level without needing to step away from the gameplay or quests for too long.

If you want a crafting based profession then you might find yourself using the auction house a lot to avoid spending time finding the materials so you can then start crafting for that money. Crafting can be good but it’s disadvantaged in the early levels of the game since the best ones are only given to you at the end of the game. It can take a lot of resources for crafting so be prepared to farm for them or to purchase them from other players.

Remember to grab secondary professions as well like Fishing, First Aid Cooking since they will boost you quite a bit on the potential gold front. Fishing cant be time-consuming buy will give you specific fish for cooking ingredients and for other professions like alchemy and you can take both fishing and cooking at the same time. Cooking is good for providing a steady supply of food for players which can even grant buffs while First Aid is perfect for helping others in combat.

Optimize your spending

Don’t go throwing gold around when you don’t need to. Skills are acquired from a trainer using gold so don’t just buy everything they offer, be mindful with it. Read the descriptions well and look at advice online, you probably don’t need to unlock everything for that class or for any of your characters. If you plan it out, you won’t spend that much gold.

More than just selling to vendors

While selling resources to vendors in an option, you can also sell things in the auction house. It’s not the best way to earn gold but you can put whatever you don’t need in the auction house and leave it alone to sell. Vendors give you a set rate so if you go out killing mobs a lot, remember to loot them and look at what you actually get from it. Don’t just sell it to a vendor, there are a lot of rare and good items to find that you can sell in the auction house for more than what the vendor would give you.

This is the same for looting dead corpses, you can sell everything that isn’t of use to you. Clothes, gems, recipes and everything else can be sold. Vendors don’t always pay much for these but if you check the rarrity, you might find that players are more willing to bring you a few carts full of gold.


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