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The Best Tools to Make Your Startup Even Better



The Best Tools to Make Your Startup Even Better

The Best Tools to Make Your Startup Even Better

The Best Tools to Make Your Startup Even Better - tools for startup

The Best Tools to Make Your Startup Even Better – tools for startup

Startups have been the rage since the launch of highly successful startups like Uber, Airbnb and Zenefits. Apart from providing a job where there’s never a dull moment, startups are also known for the disruptive and dynamic work environment they always provide. And whether you are thinking about launching your own business or are already working on your startup already, you probably know the importance of tools. It is mandatory to invest in a few tools in order to watch your business grow.  These tools help optimize your work as well as automate and improve the business. These tools are also known for being very accurate and never making a mistake. There are business tools that are needed for all aspects of the business, starting from marketing and sales to the customers and employees.  

Types of Business Tools

There are several types of business tools that every startup needs. While all of them may not be needed at the same time, it is safe to have them just so you know what you have and you can use them whenever you need to. The types of the business tools vary based on the purposes they fulfill or the function it carries out. They are marketing and sales tools, project management tools, productivity tools, human resource management tools, back-office tools, social tools, employees tools, learning tools and data tools.

  1. Marketing Tools

Any business with a website would require tools that are equally good to determine analytics. With these analytic tools, it is possible to access both your website as well as a competitor’s website to get details like

  • The rankings of the domain authority and page authority.
  • The location of the inbound links.
  • Know the ranking of the pages. This helps to adjust the SEO Strategy correspondingly.
  • The Twitter and Facebook shares, re-tweets and likes can be monitored. The social media page standings can also be monitored.

Famous marketing tools that are used are SumoMe, Kissmetrics, Adwords and Optimizely.

  1. Project Management Tools

Startups tend to rely on a workforce that could work remotely. This makes maintaining resources and to-do lists essential. Keeping up with it all is however a bit tricky. Some of the major features of these tools are

  • To manage a project well, some useful options and features that these tools offer include Google Drive, One Drive as well as Drop box.  
  • The entire project is broken down into projects and the files and due dates are set as well as files are attached.
  • Resources can also be easily shared between collaborators.

Famous project management tools that are bound to help you manage the projects in your business include Basecamp, Asana, Trello, Evernote and Voxer

  1. PeriCRM

Peri CRM is one of the best CRM applications out there.

PeriCRM Mobile based CRM software provides a powerful, integrated platform that facilitate and streamline Shelf Management, Order Management, Product Management and employee management processes.

  1. Customer Relationship Management Tools

With CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, apart from improving business strategy, the customer service will also improve. Using CRM tools, you can also

  • Track emails, contacts, deals, companies and tasks
  • It allows you to invite the members of your team for free.
  • The dashboard displays the deals that are currently in progress, important emails and recent tasks
  • Emails, calendar invites, and notes can all be accessed from the same place

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  1. Accounting

Accounting tools are not often free, but those like Bill forward make things like billing so easy that they are definitely worth the money. More and more people are starting to realise this, which is shown by the fact that an incredible accounting tool has become famous amongst start-up enthusiasts. Hiveage, as it’s called, makes invoicing billing easy for freelancers and small business. The tools required to estimate the final payment and other tools are also easily available. Some features of accounting tools include

  • The estimate is converted into an invoice with one click.
  • Invoices sent using the tools look professional and could even have the brands logo along with acknowledgments and reminders.
  • Online payments from PayPal and Stripe are accepted.
  • Calculates tax automatically.
  • Expense tracking along with time and mileage can be kept track of.
  • Processes like billing and invoicing occurs in one place, which makes the process simpler.
  1. Legal

Attorneys are expensive, in general. With startups looking to minimize costs, with these legal services, it is possible to gain legal advice at minimal cost. The most common features are

  • It serves as a Knowledge Center that contains helpful legal articles.
  • Registered attorneys give personalized advice for the clients; other documents like contractor agreements, trademark registrations as well as incorporation documents can be found here.
  • To personalize legal documents, there are three steps involved. They are, answering questions pertaining to the issue, reviewing the information and printing legal documents with final instructions that can be filed.
  1. Collaboration

Whenever you need a platform where you want to share information with the tam and allow the team to share files with each other, and organized collaboration tool can be used. A famous tool is Dropbox, which creates personal cloud storage. Its main features are

  • It provides space for data storage and backup.
  • It is easy to share files, photos, documents, videos and other files.
  • The data is accessible from other devices like computers, tablets and smart phones as well.
  • It is possible to integrate the tool with Office 365 making it possible to make changes in word document and spreadsheets, and they would be made in the file in Dropbox as well.
  • It also has a 30 day recovery period.

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  1. Social Media Management

Any startup enthusiast would have you know that social media is the living soul of startups. There are so many entrepreneurs who are brilliant at managing business and his employees, but are simply dreadful when it comes to handling several social media accounts.  These tools help you in managing your accounts and the major functions are handling and maintaining

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Foursquare
  • WordPress
  • Instagram

And other social media pages as they turn up and gain popularity.

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With these tools, managing startups of all sizes becomes easy. The process also becomes more efficient and helps you save time. It can help you fit the schedule and make your day more productive.

With internet being a world of its own, it is only fitting to see that there are a plethora of tools available. It is now your job to decide the tool that would work best for you. While not all of them are a scam, only a few will fulfill your requirements. And that should be your choice.

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