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Best Reliable Data Eraser For HDD And SSD AweEraser Review



AweEraser on Windows 10

Best Reliable Data Eraser For HDD And SSD AweEraser Review

Millions of computer consumers are afraid of random internet invaders copying data from hard drives. Cleaning your storage devices properly is an important task because cyber crimes have increased because consumers are not handling the data properly. Big players in the web market can extract information from an empty drive without sweating. You don’t want to share personal information with total strangers.

What is AweEraser?

Best Reliable Data Eraser For HDD And SSD AweEraser Review

Best Reliable Data Eraser For HDD And SSD AweEraser Review

Magoshare is a software company inventing a solution for an average consumer. AweEraser is a storage device eraser, which offers advanced certified data eraser functions. The company developed the product for an average Windows or Mac consumer, so a beginner can start securing storage drives from day one.

Does the program provide enough features to fit the requirements?

We are going to answer the questions by explaining a number of features available in the product.

AweEraser Features

1. Supported Devices

You can find hundreds of mass storage technology in the market, and they come in different shapes & sizes. Compatibility is a necessity for us all and AweEraser recognizes multiple file systems and storage technology. For instance, you can connect HDD, SSD, USB flash device, Digital device, and more. As long as Windows or Mac OS X recognizes the storage drive, you are good to go.

2. File Shredder

You don’t want to delete an entire disk and you have one or more folders or files, then you got an advanced option called “File Shredder.” The good piece of algorithm shreds every piece of file or folder to the core without wiping an entire disk. The algorithm does not touch unselected files or folders in the disk, and it disposes of selected files only.

3. Disk Wiper

Smart privacy invaders pretend not to exist within the disk, and you can use Disk Wiper to remove fragments. You can wipe hard drive using the advanced disk wiper and it will remove previous data or partition hiding within the HDD. The program recognizes partitions and different file system, so do not worry about advanced or rare file systems.

4. Eraser History

Human errors are common, but AweEraser has kept a track of what we have done so far. You can go through the previous actions, which provides in-depth information about the storage device, type of action, file system, date, time and duration of completion. You no longer have to worry about mistakes that never happened because you can check the records.

5. Safe Data Eraser

Rumors spread faster than a deadly virus and I cannot let the readers infected by it. I want to inform the readers that erasing a storage device at an advanced level does not decrease the lifespan of the storage drive. The advanced algorithm doesn’t touch the file system and it will wipe recoverable data only. Overall, AweEraser does not possess features that harm the drive instead and it will remove recoverable fragments only.

6. UI & Hardware Requirement

A non-tech savvy individual assumes that they need a high-end machine to run this program, but it isn’t true at all. AweEraser requires 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 100MB free space in Windows installed partition. Coming to the user-interface, you might be imagining that it requires software engineer skills to navigate the system, but you don’t need it in this case. The official developers of the Magoshare releases average consumer-based solutions, and you need to invest 10 minutes of practice and master the features.

How to use AweEraser on Windows 10?

The developers followed the installation wizard option, which makes the installation process easy. Make sure to install the program on the drive that doesn’t require AweEraser services.

Step 1: Launch the program and select files or folders. Check out the other options as well and I will cover only one to demonstrate it.

AweEraser on Windows 10

AweEraser on Windows 10

Step 2: The file browser pop-up on the screen and then select the files or folder.

AweEraser on Windows 10

AweEraser on Windows 10

Step 3: Select the file, and then click on “ERASE” to continue.



Step 4: A confirmation notification will pop-up and then click on “continue.”

use AweEraser on Windows 10

use AweEraser on Windows 10

Step 5: Finally selected file, folder, drive, and others successfully erased it.

How to use AweEraser on Windows 10

How to use AweEraser on Windows 10

Bottom Line

AweEraser doesn’t provide freeware, but the trial version allows 20 files to erase, and you have to pay a few bucks to unlock the true potential of the program. You can buy Personal Lifetime License ($29.95), and Enterprise Lifetime License ($199) with free lifetime updates.

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