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Best Features Of MacBook That I Mostly Like



Best Features Of MacBook

Best Features Of MacBook That I Mostly Like

The sleek and stylish MacBook needs no introduction, these ultraportable options are perfect for blog writers, students and for those who prefer to carry lightweight laptops for their work. The components of Apple are brilliantly designed keeping the size and weight minimum. Here are the incredible 10 best features of MacBook Air which makes it the most loved choice.

10 Amazing Features of Mac You Should Know

1. Best Blogging Gadget

If you are a writer and content creator, MacBook is your beast buddy forever. Be it the battery life, comfortable keyboard, compact build or the screen resolution, it has got everything which makes work of blogger hassle free.

The MacBook is the number 1 preference for writing blog content. Both MacBook Air and Pro are a suitable match for the writing profession. Moreover, the best snipping tools for Mac is an ideal choice for taking neat screenshots.

2. Battery Life

The MacBook from Apple has the best battery life, it can be used up to 12 hours maximum. If you are the one who prefers to take their MacBook on the go and are not much into charging the device, it can give a battery life of 10 hours.

The processor is made with 7-watt thermal design point hence the battery draining is less during heavy workload. MacBook Air suits well for those who want to enjoy the best battery life.

3. Alluring Design

The design of MacBook is alluring and it comes with the iconic wedge shape, the rest of the design is new. The MacBook has a thickness of 15.6 mm and it weighs extremely light i.e not more than 2.75 pounds.

A great choice for students and travellers who are looking for a compact and stylish companion. The best part is the overall footprint is 17 times smaller as compared to the previous models.

4. Updated Keyboard

The early version of Apple’s butterfly keyboard was not up to the mark, the frequent key breaking and accumulation of debris affect the mechanism. Thankfully, the MacBook is power-packed with smart 3rd generation butterfly keyword which increases the productivity and works well for blog writers.

The silicon membrane keys make typing smooth and increases the durability. These backlit keys look stylish and bleed more lights outside the keys. Another great feature of MacBook Pro is, you can customize everything to make the functions easy and as per your choice, a simple tweak in the settings is all you need to do.

5. Touch Sensors

Both MacBook Air and Pro includes Touch ID and a security chip, the sensor gets activated during a click rather activating the OLED touch bar. The biometric security feature is reliable and best alternative to traditional passwords. The biometric feature can be used to shop via Apple Pay at all authentic third-party applications.

6. Sound Quality

The speakers of MacBook Pro and Air are incredibly good, it is housed under the keyboard which makes the audio consistency better. The speakers are well secured under both the side of keyboard hence you can enjoy even audio quality. The sound quality is loaded with high bass.

In short, the sound is full and you can explore brighter notes. The speaker quality is perfect to watch various shows and media files. Even if there is any background noise you can hear clearly without grabbing your headphones. This is a great feature for all the folks who binge watch Netflix.

7. Specifications

The MacBook comes with a robust 1.5 GHz dual-core Core i5 processor, a great choice for day to day task. The Intel 8th generation chip with Intel UHD 617 graphics is a perfect match if you work on a regular basis. There is also an option to include an external graphics card via Thunderbolt port.

The Intel processors are capable enough to handle all the regular tasks without crashing. In short, it is an apt choice if you love watching Netflix, writing blogs, surfing the web, working on spreadsheets and a lot more.

You can also upgrade the MacBook from 8 GM RAM to 16 GB based on your work requirement. The battery life is excellent and it can keep you going up to 12 hours.

8. T2 Security Chip

The T2 Security Chip is the hidden treasure of MacBook, the biggest benefit is authentication and “Hey Siri” feature. The MacBook works similar to the iPhone with the help of the digital assistant.

The T2 Security Chip ensures complete security of FaceTime camera and microphones, it also enhances the performance. It also disallows booting from the external devices and grants permission to only trusted operating system. A great choice if you are extremely security conscious.

9. Thunderbolt USB-C Ports

The MacBook has two Thunderbolt 3 Ports, it enables you to connect the laptop to 5K display, GPU for the best gaming experience. You don’t need to invest in a new full desktop to enjoy intensive gaming.

The 2 ports are more than enough for regular users. Moreover, with the Thunderbolt USB-C Ports, you can also connect accessories with the help of dongles.

10. Retina Display

The display of MacBook is well updated and comes with 3 times more pixel as compared to the old model. The resolution is of 2560*1600 and packs 4 million pixels with 16:10 as the aspect ratio.

It follows IPS technology which does not change any color when you are viewing from different angles. The content on the screen is sharp and is easy on the eyes. The brightness of MacBook Air is not high, hence it does not hurt the eyes and the power consumption is also less.

Wrapping Up

MacBook is the best gadget for all the folks who enjoy writing and prefer taking screenshot while working. When it comes to a good laptop, it should be a perfect combination of power, comfort and performance, MacBook fits the bill well. The smart T2 security chip and excellent audio quality is added benefit of MacBook. The above-mentioned features are enough for bloggers to grab a MacBook and begin writing effortlessly.


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