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The Best Employee Monitoring Apps for 2019



The Best Employee Monitoring Apps for 2019

The Best Employee Monitoring Apps for 2019

It is more essential than ever for employers to monitor their employees’ activities. Because individuals these days have access to a lot of distractions. The first and the most prominent one being the Internet. The companies can subscribe to reasonably priced packages like Spectrum bundles. This makes it convenient for them to give the employees unlimited access to the Internet at the workplace. And that is when the problems arise. Employees make use of the Internet to surf social media websites or play games. Thus, wasting time.

Here are some of the best apps employers can use to monitor the employees’ activities.


DeskTime is a time tracking app. It combines three features to bring to the employers an easy to use software to monitor the employees. The key features of this software include:

  • Project management
  • Employee monitoring
  • Productivity analysis

Apart from all the above-mentioned features that the software offers, it also allows the employers and the employees to highlight their unproductive habits. It does so by sorting the apps and websites that the employees use more often as ‘productive’ and ‘unproductive.’ This app not only tracks time but it will also calculate your daily productivity for you. That, too, automatically. You won’t have to ask for it. Apart from that, it will also calculate your efficiency for you. All it needs it the access to your URLs, the apps and the programs that you have visited or used for the day. This means that more the time you spend on a productive website, more will be your productivity. It is dubbed as one of the best time tracking apps. Hence, making it a software that you should consider.


This app is solely designed to keep track of the employee activities. It is easy to install and to use. Therefore, you won’t have any trouble while introducing yourself to the software. You can install it on your employees’ systems and they would never be able to guess it. Because it is invisible to the user. Hence, allowing you to keep a track of all of the activities that your employees indulge in. Some of the features that this software offers include:

  • Real-time activity monitoring
  • Productivity tracking
  • Malicious website blocking
  • Remote workstation screenshots

You will not regret opting for ActivTrak.


Designed mainly for Windows, iOS and Android operating systems, this is basically a third-party employee monitoring solution. It offers numerous amount of features that enable the employer to keep a check on the employees’ activities. Both on the computer and over the Internet. Some of the features that this software offers include the ability to block pornography apart from other online threats. Apart from that, you can set a time limit using this software along with taking screenshots. It also gives you the authority to control the games and apps that your employees can use or access. Not only this, but Qustodio will also send you a notification if an employee tries to access indecent content in office premises.


Xnspy is a cell phone monitoring app. With this app, employers can monitor call logs, text messages, instant messaging apps, location history, emails, browsing history, bookmarks, calendar entries, contact list, and much more. The app helps employers in monitoring their employees’ activities daily. Before you monitor your employee using Xnspy, you need their consent. Xnspy also monitors app activity on the monitored device.

The analytics feature offered by the app provides insights regarding the top 10 websites visited, top 5 callers, and top 5 call durations. If employers suspect their employees for violations and misbehavior, Xnspy can provide you with the necessary data. All of this information is uploaded to the Xnspy account. Users of the app can view and download this data. The dashboard displays everything in an organized manner, so users don’t face difficulty in finding the relevant information. The app is compatible with Android as well as iPhones.


It is a cloud-based employee time tracking software. It is available on all the popular operating systems. It allows employers to generate a detailed report reflecting their employees’ activities. Some of the features that the software offer include verification tools and real-time monitoring. Apart from that, phone punch clock, digital signature, and GPS tracking are also some added features.


It is also a cloud-based app that allows you to track time and monitor your employees’ activities. You can do so automatically if you install the desktop app. What makes this app unique and stand out from other apps is that you can integrate this app with many others. You can choose to integrate Timecamp from a list of fifty or more project management apps. Hence, making it a hot favorite among project managers. This software helps the project managers to collaborate and track billable work hours. Apart from that, it also allows them to monitor the status of a project(s). Not only this, but the software will also create automatic payrolls for employees. And send the invoices to the customers. It will aid the project managers in every possible way. You will also be notified when the client views the invoice.

All these software aim at making it easier for employers to increase the productivity of the employees. But remember that you can take advantage of these apps and software only if you have internet subscriptions like Spectrum double play. After that, you can also opt for features that limit the amount of time that your employees spend on a certain website. Hope this list helps you spy better on your employees.




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