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Apple released iPhone X as the tenth-anniversary edition



Apple released iPhone X as the tenth-anniversary edition

Apple released iPhone X as the tenth-anniversary edition

Apple released iPhone X as the tenth-anniversary edition

Apple released iPhone X as the tenth-anniversary edition

Apple released iPhone X as the tenth-anniversary edition. Surprisingly, Apple announced the release along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. According to Tim Cook, the X will stand as the flagship model and the technology used in it will be an evolution for the company to come up with new models for the next ten years. The X ships with OLED screen measuring 5.8-inch screen and has Face ID along with glass back to support wireless charging or Qi charging.

Breakthrough Features

  1. Face ID

Face ID is a breakthrough technology for Apple. The technology replaces the TouchID to unlock the phone. It will also help in making secure payments through Apple Pay. The technology uses 30,000 infrared dots placed around the front camera that supports in recognizing the user.

  1. Animoji

The entertaining part of the X is the addition of the Animoji feature. An important point to note is that the function works only on iOS 11. It is vital that even the receiver has the same version to see the Animoji, which is a moving emoji.

  1. Super Retina Display

The critical change in the X is the screen. Not only the size increased, which is first in the history for an Apple device, but also receives the latest technology – OLED. The edge-to-edge screen makes viewing engaging with 458 pixels per inch. It stands out from the rest, as Apple boosted the PPI from 326 as found in the 7 and 8 series.

  1. Wireless Charging

The other aspect that Apple made sure to add is the presence of the glass back. It not only brought a unique appearance to the device but also helps in wireless charging. Users have to place the device on the charging mat. The quick charging ensures to boost the battery within a short period, making it easy for users on-the-move to offer a quick bite of the charge. Now that Apple released the models that are supporting the wireless charging, we are bound to see many of the restaurants, coffee stations, and lounges at the airports offering the mats for people to charge their devices with ease. The AirPower mat from Apple is capable of charging multiple devices at the same time.

Given the new changes in the device in terms of hardware and software, it is sure to attract a lot of consumers who are big fans of Apple and its products. With new features popping up consistently from rivals, Apple too joined the list to ensure that it does not lose out to the competition and see another windfall in the market share. The device is also changed and better in performance due to the hardware upgrade and supports apps like Garageband and Logic Pro X better, with more ease and accessibility. Also, Apple has upgraded the library, so you can diverse your song composing too.

Keeping business things aside, the iPhone X is the best in technical terms and a good outcome from Apple. Given the advantage and the new features, the X, which is a unique edition from the organization, is bound to attract quite a lot of consumers from across the globe.


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