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Apple Pencil: Combined full of Tech that you have never ever seen in a pencil.



Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil: Combined full of Tech that you have never ever seen in a pencil.

Apple Pencil



From outside, the Apple Pencil looks like, well like a disposable plastic pen, but a teardown shows that it’s Combined full of tiny technology

Apple Pencil looks like an ordinary disposable pen but a teardown by repair specialist iFixit shows that it is Combined full of technology that you’ll never be seen it unless you open it smash.



Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil

In order to get into it a Dremel power tool had to be appropriated to cut the outer casing of the pen and expose the metallic inwards to the atmosphere.The hardware design is so complex that it cannot be repaired by the user or by the repairer easily.
Taking it to the bulk space the Apple Pencil is a miniscule 3.82V//0.329Wh lithium-ion battery which has the 5 percent charge of the battery which is found in iphone6s.T hen also it can power the device up to 12hrs.

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Apple Pencil

It’s extreme technology

Apple Pencil extreme technology

It’s extreme technology


The main component of the Apple Pencil is a tiny circuit board which weighs only 1 gram. But built into it , this board has many several components, including a ST Microelectronics STML151UCY6 Ultra-low-power 32-bit RISC ARM-based Cortex-M3 microcontroller unit. From the Bussiness end of view the Apple Pencil is another tiny circuit board, which have three diminutive contacts that are mechanically used to determine how hard the pencil is being pressed.
There is a tiny antenna that is been used to communicate to the mobiles (iPad pro been successfully communicated.It is located at the top of it and below it there is a Lightning connector.

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Apple Pencil

As this device is very compact and got a good piece of Engineering but on another hand it will be too hard for the user as well as repairer to repair it. The ni or cap covering the lightning connector, there is nothing to repair or to fix it.


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