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Android phone why it is better than iphone?



Why android is better than iphone!

Why android phone is better than iphone!

Why android is better than iphone!

Why android phone is better than iphone

So Friends i am back now today in this post i am going to tell you the Top 10 reasons Why android is better than iphone!


1.Apple iphone are always expensive where as on other side android phones with same specification are cheaper than it.

2.Android phone has more Ram than Apple iphone .

3.Android phone gets more specification than Apple iphone.

4.Many number of phones in different colour ,vivid and specifications are there in Android as that on Apple iphone there is only limited phones.

5.You Can get majority of the Apps For free and that on Apple iphone majority of the Apps are paid.

6.Easy file sharing and media sharing on Android as that of Apple it is is difficult and consumes much time.

7.Can easily be customized using launcher and different apps for different function and on Apple iPhone you can only customize by changing it’s back cover.

8.Can root Android phone and use many rooted apps to play with Rom and all installed app and all stuffs in the phone and on other hand can be Jailbreaked and get Cydia and get do extra little work which Android phones gives on without rooted phone. After all, rooting and jailbreaking is dangerous; those who do choose to root their Android devices should consider also using an Android VPN to ensure security.

9.You can get many widgets in Android and you can download from Play store on which many are free too and Apple user cant download widgets because it is paid

10.You can flash many of the custom rom in Android phones which is available that is created by the developers unofficially as on Apple iphone you cant flash custom roms.

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This was the Image which was gone viral over the Interet and all were comparing Iphone 6 and Nexus 4 when the Apple iphone6 was launched and all Android user where saying iphone user Welcome to 2012

Why android phone is better than iphone - iphone6 compared with Nexus 4

Apple iphone6 compared with Nexus 4

Why android phone is better than iphone

Why android phone is better than iphone


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