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Android N is now Known as Android Nougat



Android N is now Known as Android Nougat!

Android N is now Known as Android Nougat!

Android N is now Known as Android Nougat!

Android N is now Known as Android Nougat!

Android N is now Known as Android Nougat, Many of us will not that Nougat is a food or they might have heard it first time.Google announced on Teenagers Trending Social Media App SnapChat that the latest version of Android will be roll out as Android Nougat.This announcement comes after the company said at I/O last month in which users have to submit their suggestion of the next Android name.All in INDIA were thinking that it will be Nutella , Nankhatai or Neyyappam.

Nougat is the latest deserted version of the Android Smartphones, initially it will be roll out on the second week of the March and there is a chance that will be Stable or may be another beta update.All other devices have to wait for more couple of months to get this update.

It packs a feature such as improved notification shade and multitasking split screen to it’s new update and also improving the Doze features which was roll out with Marshmallow. It also encompasses DayDream, Google New VR Platform according to the reports of the Verge.

More Details and Feature we will be able to know on the Day of the release of this version.

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Why Android N was not an INDIAN sweet dish?

Many Indians were expecting that this Version name would be from Indian Sweet Dish because the CEO is from INDIAN origin and on the interview of the Google CEO Sundar Pichai by the Harsha Bhogal he told that he will keep an online voting for the decision of the next version name and all INDIANS have to vote for it’s next version but the INDIAN votes were distributed by introducing two INDIAN dishes Nankhatai and Neyyappam (South INDIAN dish) this was the major reason INDIAN sweet Dish did’nt won




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