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AndroDumpper apk Download



androdumpper apk download

AndroDumpper apk Download

AndroDumpper apk is the Android application used to connect to the wifi router using the WPS vulnerability, this app have the sets on most commonly used WPS pin of the routers and using this pins it cracks the password for you and you will be connected to the wifi in no matter of time after it cracks the pin of the victim router.

androdumpper apk download

Androdumpper apk download


  • A rooted Android device or Android device with Android 5.0 +
  • If the device is below Android Lollipop version it must have BusyBox andd Supersu installed on their device.


To download AndroDumpper click on the below  ” Download ” text to download the AndroDumpper app

Download Drive Link | Download PlayStore Link

At the time of Downloading it will be showing Malicious file just avoid the warning click on Yes button and Download the apk file.

How to use AndroDumpper app

  1. Download the AndroDumpper apk from the above link.
  2. Install it on your device.
  3. Open the app and then scan for the available wifi network nearby you.
  4. Click on any Wifi name which has WPS enabled.
  5. Follow the On-Screen instructions and connect yourself to that wifi.

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Here are some WPS Pins which I wanted to share

100 Pins:

500 Pins:

1000 Pins:

5000 Pins:

10000 Pins:

50000 Pins:

100000 Pins:

500000 Pins:

1000000 Pins:

5000000 Pins:

Final Verdict

I found this Androdumpper app for pc to be very useful and best among all the alternatives app which let you connect to the wifi without a password, it help me to connect the majority of the wifi anytime and anywhere in some instance of time I was connected to WPS secured wifi without the knowledge of knowing to crack the password.

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