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An encouraging story – SIET’s placement records



Given the lack of availability of jobs fueled by the pandemic, job placements have become all the while necessary. These placements not only are vital for students in gathering the first-hand experience, but they also emulate the skills onto the students to face the corporate world under guidance. The perspectives of job placements and their importance have been sung for a long time now by the Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & technology. Accordingly, the students at SIET have documented a dramatic increase in professional knowledge and a growth in career-oriented skills.

A look at SIET’s placement record in itself is a success story that keeps inspiring.

Placements that have taken the youth by storm:

The Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology is known to be the host for the top-class job placements. They have tie-ups with world-renowned brands like the brands of Amazon, Zen pact, Pike, and BSMS info which in turn has revolutionized the college to transform itself into a dream guide for every youth who is career-oriented. Added to that SIET also has ties with multiple MNCs that recruit young talent so that these student employees can have access to valuable experience and be guided under an exceptionally skilled team. From global to local brands, the list of job opportunities is incredibly high when it comes to vouching for long term success by the young aspirants.

TASK activities at SIET challenge and push the boundaries of intellect.  

Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) is a smart initiative that attracts students from all across the globe. The association is designed to keep the students in mind who due to this scheme can drastically enhance their skill regarding the industry around them. This initiative also does its task in dissolving the barrier between students from a variety of socio-economic and cultural groups. From challenging new problems to overcoming every one of them, students are encouraged to push themselves to the limit and bring out the best in them. Students are filled with the courage to undertake risks to move forward to an illustrious career.

TASK for boosting career resources:

At SIET, TASK allows students to look forward to a prominent career all the while nurturing them to become the best professional version of themselves. The students are thoroughly trained under a plethora of categories ranging from flexibility, soft skills, interpersonal skills, communication, and much much more. TASK understands that to help students ace in their careers, it’s important to craft out their best possible versions. All these efforts decrease the struggle time for students in the professional world enabling them to catapult themselves to an impeccable amount of success. High energy levels, confidence, and a myriad of other important aspects are put together to impress the interviewer which is as well taught at TASK.

The amalgamation of career orientation alongside a nag for success:

At SIET, students are made to have their hands on the best job placements every year. The students are made to understand the importance of career orientation and its relationship with success. From the early stages of education, students are made to value every opportunity they are given a chance to be a part of. If the purpose and end goal are known, then the interest stems on its own. Thus, students at SIET are tailored to be one of a kind.

The endnote:

The journey of every individual is different but at the Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology, they intend to curate a pathway for students that are set to present them with an end goal that is achievable. The students are brainstormed with ideas and new job opportunities and are inspired to put forward the best version of themselves. SIET’s placement records continue to shine and inspire many and beyond.

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