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The Most Amazing Influencer Marketing Predictions For 2020



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The Most Amazing Influencer Marketing Predictions For 2020

The last few years have seen influencer marketing emerging as a dominant trend. Obviously, this is because online shoppers trust the word of niche leaders when it comes to making purchase decisions. At the same time, the growing use of the internet has led to a shift from conventional advertising to this form of word-of-mouth marketing. The future for the influencers appears bright too as more and more brands are already embracing them as a part of their online marketing strategy. It would be wise to have a sneak peek into the year ahead and see what lies in this landscape. Here are some amazing influencer marketing predictions for 2020.

The rise of micro-influencers

As the name implies, micro-influencers are the ones with a reasonably smaller following. However, this does not make them any less dominant as they are all set to win the marketing game for brands. This is because buyers tend to trust an influencer with a smaller yet more authentic following vis-à-vis big celebrities who are somewhat “unreal”. To make it big in this field, businesses will have to come up with a mix of micro and macro-influencers as a part of their strategy in the year ahead.

Long-term collaborations will win

Another major prediction in the influencer marketing domain highlights the value of long term collaborations between brands and influencers. Obviously, lasting partnerships build trust and credibility for both and are more likely to be remembered by the audience as well. Businesses will, therefore, have to visualize these collaborations on a long term basis to drive greater impact with their campaigns. Further, they should look for promoters who are a perfect match for them so that they connect them with the right set of audience.

Nowadays, you can even hire a reputable influencer agency like so that you can work with online influencers and boost your online presence.

Regulations will be stronger

In 2019, the industry has taken major steps to regulate the influencers who have been taking shortcuts for building their communities. This is because the industry has seen several fake celebrities using unscrupulous means to increase their following. These regulations are expected to get even stronger in 2020, with a greater emphasis on privacy laws, ADA compliance and regulatory actions by social media platforms. Marketers, on the other hand, need to get smarter while choosing influencers to promote them. The idea is to stick to real ones with the genuine following in the relevant niche.

Influencer platforms and managers will emerge strong

Considering the fact that brands will have to invest in long-term collaborations with genuine influencers, influencer platforms and managers will emerge strongly in the coming years. The use of platforms such as SocialBook is a good idea to connect with genuine ones who have real following online. Similarly, there will be managers who will specialize in facilitating the communication and connections between brands and influencers in the coming time.

Deeper connections with value-driven content will matter

2020 will be all about genuine connections that are deep rather than superficial. A move from perfect influencer posts to ones that are based on real, value-driven content is predicted for the future. The online audience is smarter than ever and prefers authentic influencers who focus more on promoting the brands and products rather than selling them. Both brands and influencers, therefore, will have to realign up their strategies and make it more value-driven rather than sales.

Cross-platform campaigns will make it big

In 2020, cross-platform campaigns will become the right way to propel influencer marketing for greater reach and better results. In the past, these campaigns were typically focused on a single platform, often Instagram, for connecting with the influencer’s community and promoting the brand’s product. But this will no longer suffice as brands will have to invest in cross-platform campaigns. The success of TikTok as an influencer marketing platform in 2019 is likely to change the dynamics of the industry in the coming year and beyond.

Video content will be the differentiator

Another big prediction in this domain is the immense growth of video marketing in the coming time. Obviously, videos are more compelling as compared to text because prospective buyers are more likely to buy on the basis of what they see. Videos have the power to engage people and add more authenticity to the influencer’s existence. Not to mention, video marketing means that the campaign becomes cross-platform with the use of channels such as YouTube for promoting the products.

These big predictions are going to steer the influencer marketing campaigns of the future. Now is the time to look at your strategy and realign it to make it ready for what lies ahead. The sooner you do it, the bigger will be a competitive advantage that you will get.

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