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A plagiarism checker saves bloggers from eternal disgrace



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A plagiarism checker saves bloggers from eternal disgrace

A lot of writers do not get any exposure online when they publish a new blog or article. Why is that so? There are several writers delivering content according to the niche they are connected to.

However, readers only give importance to the well-known ones. If you don’t have a strong reputation, people would not pay attention to what you write. Secondly, building credibility and developing trust is not a one-day task. You can only achieve this goal if original content is produced on a consistent scale.

Even of if you submit plagiarized content once, you would lose your reputation for ever.

Google has strict and firm plagiarism regulations

Getting attention of readers depends majorly on the rank a website has. Not having a first page rank is hazardous for the growth. The reason being that people usually aim at satisfying their requirements from the top rated results. Usually, they do not bother to go beyond the first page. Hence, not being ranked on it means seriously losing traffic as well as revenue.

  • Content uniqueness is a major criterion for being ranked high. With millions of websites operating online, only a few get first page ranks. Producing fresh content does not mean that you can copy information and use it without removing plagiarism. Such acts would not only ban you as a blogger but the website you are writing for would fail to get a good rank.

A watchful and cautious approach is needed

At times, bloggers are careless when they are working on a post. The moment they feel that the deadline is slipping away, they start adopting shortcuts. Not checking the content properly is one of risks taken. As writers are only concerned about getting done with things on time and not delaying anything, they change the arrangement of words and make a submission. This is not the right strategy to deal with plagiarism. It is necessary to use a high standard tool to avoid all sorts of problems.

Using an automated tool is more productive than manual checking

It is important for writers to work with zero stress so that they can concentrate better. When you are writing a blog, it has to be informative. You need to sound unique and provide users with material that increases knowledge. It is not a problem if you are accessing online sources to gather information as internet is the most accessible hub. Accessing information does not mean in any way that you should copy it. It has to reword so that the writer who worked hard to develop information from the start gets the needed credit.

  • Reading the content to detect and remove plagiarism is never a dependable way. This is because users are never sure about producing plagiarism free content until they have read it several times. Put yourself in the shoes of a blogger who has to produce a high quality post in one day. Do you think that he would be able to manage so much reading along with the content development goals? He would obviously not be able to do so. As a result, it can be easily said that the use of a plagiarism checking tool works in a better way.

Do not think about expensive tool charges

It is a general perception that users should not depend on free tools as they do not work well. This statement is not truthful for a lot of tools including plagiarism checking applications. There are quite a few online plagiarism checkers which do not have any kind of charges to check plagiarism. You can use them to recognize copied material several times without paying a penny. A lot of users particularly students cannot consider using paid tools. This is because most of them do not have full time learning opportunities. When it comes to plagiarism checking tools, spending money is not a concern.

Bloggers can safeguard their reputation through plagiarism checkers

When it comes to the highest rated bloggers, they do not have to think about attracting traffic. The main reason is that they share a trustworthy bond with their readers. People never doubt what they write. The flip side is that when you lose your reliability as a blogger, it is impossible to win it back again. One of the things which can ruin your blogging career is delivering plagiarized content. Whether you do it intentionally or due to lack of experience, it is considered a highly unprofessional act. By using a good effective checking tool, all these risks can be flushed down the drain.

More time to analyze content sources

Being different in each post is not an easy task in anyway. This is what bloggers are expected to do in order to make a name and attract visitors. Other than that, the schedule they follow is mostly very tight. Nothing can be delayed as blog posts make the maximum impact when people get to read them on time. If you are producing a blog on “ideal computing devices for system administrators this year”, it should be published before the current year ends.

  • It is not possible to produce top notch content for a blogger without 100% focus. Selecting reliable websites or portals for getting information is a key task which writers have to go through. If you search for “best features of android phones”, there would be an endless list of links. You cannot click any one of them randomly and use the information available. Writers have to compare sources offering related information and pick the reliable ones. The success of a blog depends a lot on how articulated and efficient the provided information is.
  • By using a plagiarism checker, writers get more time to select the best information sources. They do not have to go through sleepless nights worrying about how an original blog would be delivered.


Consider that you are viewing a website and going through a blog on it. While reading you figure out that the same content has been read elsewhere. What would be your reaction? How will you rate the website? Readers today have intelligent mindsets. When they are reading content, they do it with attention. Bloggers should use a state of the art plagiarism checker so that original content is delivered at all times.


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