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8 SEO myths you should stop believing



8 SEO myths you should stop believing

8 SEO myths you should stop believing

8 SEO myths you should stop believing

In the recent years, SEO has gained intense popularity among internet users, regardless of whether they own a website or not. Various solution providers can be trusted to make effective the process of SEO, like However, it is quite unfortunate that a few website owners have fallen culprit of wrong SEO concepts that have resulted from miscommunication and misunderstandings, withholding the performance of websites from performing to their optimal potential.

Might you have fallen into the trap of SEO myths too? Whether or not you practice SEO for your site, it is of great value that you consider this list of SEO myths that might hurt your brand’s visibility and performance on search engines.

Optimizing for Google is optimizing for Search Engines

It is undeniable that Google is still the dominant and most popular search engines on the internet. For this reason, most website owners resolve to optimize their sites specifically for Google, thinking that Google’s algorithm will cover all other sites.

As much as SEO practices overall boost your site’s functionality and responsiveness that could work to your advantage across different websites, you must remember that different search engines operate on different indexing and ranking algorithms. For example, while Google has a preference for backlinks, Bing engine favours audience engagement more than link building.

Anchor texts are no longer relevant for ranking

Anchor texts have long been used for internal linking and external linking for sites. Arguably so, they have the potential to give you a high ranking on search engines. Most digital marketers disregard the need for anchor text with the notion that Google no longer values anchor texts for ranking.

This is not entirely true. The ranking algorithm has slight changes, which now means, it takes more than random anchor words to rank you on search engines. Today, keyword-rich anchor texts are valuable in passing on a better structured and targeted message.

Nonetheless, overusing them will earn you a penalty on Google. Therefore, you should not overemphasize only on primary keywords, preferably, secondary keywords, generic keywords and also your brand concepts.

Google will figure everything out

Some website owners are merely lazy in matters of optimizing their sites, which is why they rely on the fact that Google will figure everything out. High-quality content and a significant audience reach may keep your website running for a while, and eventually, Google will crawl your site for ranking, but that takes time.

Assuming that Google will figure out your site limits you from providing you content to the right audience because of the inability to position yourself for their searches. Worse, Google’s intelligence might disservice your site by wrongly indexing your site, which is why digital marketers go for XML sitemaps to submit to Google Console.

As a rule of thumb, never ignore crawl optimization for your site, which is all about making it swifter for search engines to find, crawl and correctly index your web pages.

Guest blogging is not effective

It can be quite uncomfortable to think about hosting people’s content on your website, or the other way around. Link earning is an SEO concept dear to Google that might take time to yield results but does have a positive impact on SERP.

The fact is, Google’s intelligence cannot sieve out guest content from the authors content, which means, if the material is excellent, it will be indexed, and links will be earned. Guest posting is therefore still useful, if correctly done to accommodate for content originality and uniqueness, proper use of keywords and anchor texts, among others.

Keyword research is not significant

You may think keyword research is a basic SEO practice, but even then, most website owners and content creators do not take advantage of it. Keyword research may seem not to give you the desired results, probably due to wrong targeting and wrong use of keywords, among other factors like keyword stuffing.

The truth is, keyword research is significant if at all your content is to be interesting to your target audience. If it is not working out for you, maybe you are doing it wrong. Your keyword research should point you to the best topics to explore for your content development, as well as to trending matters within your industry for better audience satisfaction.

Optimizing for search engines gives you higher rankings

This myth is not wholly untrue. Optimizing your site to the needs of Google, for instance, makes your website slightly to this search engine. However, the optimization should not be focused entirely on search engines. The whole reason your site is up and running is to satisfy the needs of a particular group of people.

You must deliberate on optimizing your site for the sake of your audience, which means, improving the overall user experience and responsiveness of your website. A happy audience is a happy Google, therefore, optimize for audiences first then search engines.

Social signals are not fundamental to the ranking process

Is your brand thriving well on social media? This is terrific news for your site. The notion that social signals are not essential for the ranking process of your website is an absolute myth. Social media mentions and activities add up to the search engine ranking factors. There is a strong correlation between social media activities and searches.

If people cannot find your bran don social media, it is more like your brand does not exist.

H1 tags increase search rankings

H1 tags have a role to play in improving the quality of content through creating a more standardized interface for users. However, regardless of using H1 or H2, the purpose of these tags does not directly affect SEO and ranking. Instead, use them to increase visualization and capitalize of your keyword use.

There you have it! SEO does not have to be that much of a hurdle. Shun off these few myths and get started on your ranking pursues.

Praneet is the CEO and Editor of the website He is a blogger and have varoius blog on various topic and he is from India who loves to read and write about Technology, Gadgets and Gaming. If you share the similar interests then you can follow him on Facebook | Google+ | Twitter

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A2 Hosting Review



A2 Hosting Review

WordPress hosting is common with popular hosting providers, but I found out about one exceptional WordPress hosting plan that amazes me; WordPress Managed Hosting plan at A2 Hosting. Title of the package didn’t make sense to me at first, I mean it’s WordPress; a web building tool already known to be handy when automating tasks. But I only had to check the features and I was convinced this plan is a “managed” plan indeed, I later decided to give it a trial, so I got the basic plan; the 1-site plan. This hosting plan is ideal for inexperienced WordPress users; less maintenance task, access to premium WordPress Plugins and lots more, I doubt you wouldn’t be convinced after observing some of the features highlighted below:

  • Turbo Optimized (Up To 20X Faster)

Yes! That 20X faster feature has been tested and confirmed, with WordPress Managed Hosting plan your web pages will load 20 times faster. Even if I didn’t get any other amazing features, this feature is enough to attract me, or who don’t want a faster loading website?

  • Free daily WordPress backup

I usually perform this task manually once every week because I don’t know when the unexpected might happen, and it is good to expect the unexpected, even as efficient as WordPress is designed to be, it often crashes, leading to loss of data. So it really feels good when I got a hosting plan that can do that for me.

  • Free JetPack Personal License

JetPack is like a one-stop-shop for everything you need to run WordPress websites comfortably, I always had to purchase for every client I install WordPress for, so I’m really excited to see that I will be getting a free license as part of the package.

  • WP-CLI (command line interface for WordPress)

PC users are familiar with the cmd interface; it allows executing commands that can perform tasks that will require 3 or more steps if performed in a normal process. WP-CLI is even better and simpler, commands syntax are self-explanatory, and do not worry about incorrect syntax; it won’t mess up your WordPress website because it will be ignored.

  • Site staging

Staging allows running tests on an exact copy of your website without interfering with original copy whatsoever. Developers know how useful this feature is, it is also useful for rookies for testing out new stuff without the fear of messing things up. Some hosting providers would present this as a stand-alone package.

  • Pre-installed WordPress script and plugins

You don’t have to go through the process of installing WordPress again, some plugins are also pre-installed, you only need to activate them.

  • Zero downtime and 24/7 support

I’ve been on this plan for months and I have not experienced any downtime, and support is great; had an issue fixed within 30 minutes.

  • Free updates and Patching

This means I don’t even have to worry about updating my WordPress script and its components, it will be done for me.

Even though we are reviewing their Managed WordPress plan, maybe that isn’t to your interest. A2 Hosting offers a variety of offerings from standard Web Hosting in Linux and Windows, Managed WordPress (described above), Managed VPS Hosting, Managed Dedicated Servers and more!

Review Date
Reviewed Item
A2 Hosting Review
Author Rating
A2 Hosting Review
  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Footprints/Safety
  • IP/Nameserver Diversity
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Aidaform Online Form Builder



Aidaform Online Form Builder

Aidaform Online Form Builder

Aidaform Online Form Builder

HTML forms are the best method to collect information from the guests. With them, you can create a contact form, a survey, a send to a friend form, a newsletter buying in form and considerably more. The forms require information from the guests, like Name, Email, Address, Message, Age, Occupation and more, you get the point. The most widely recognized form elements are text fields, radio catches, checkboxes, drop down records and submit catches.

AidaForm is a complete service with an intuitive HTML form generator and you don’t have to write any code yourself to use it. You won’t need a server or PHP contents to collect responses: AidaForm has the majority of this covered. AidaForm can generate the HTML code for a form you create, so center around the questions you need to ask to do everything else for you. Combine intuitive squares in a visual HTML form editor: Name, Email, Text Field and Text Area, File Upload, Drop-down List, and some more. Choose a theme to coordinate your website design, customize hues and textual styles, include your logo. Generate the HTML code in one catch click – and the form is ready to distribute on your website.

How to generate AidaForm

  • All you need to know to use AidaForm’s online HTML form generator are the questions you need to ask your guests. Basically, drag the desired squares onto your form template: name, email, file transfer, radio catches, drop-down menus, text areas, signature fields, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can include required fields and Captcha protection to make sure just adequate responses are accepted; even integrate payment processing without composing any extra code.
  • Make your form coordinate the design of your website to provide a smooth experience for your customers. Include the logo of your organization to the form page, select a theme and customize its textual style and hues, or even include a foundation image. Save this custom theme as a template and apply it to other forms you create in one tick.
  • The AidaForm HTML form generator the code for your responsive online form consequently no extra programming or integrations required. Basically, duplicate the code to your website and begin collecting guest information immediately. That is the means by which easy it is with a simple HTML form builder.
  • Every response is collected and safely stored in your record at AidaForm. You don’t have to sign in every time to check how the things are going we’ll tell you about each accommodation per email. Analyze form responses separately on your AidaForm dashboard or make a visual outline. Export emails to create newsletter databases in MailChimp and begin targeted battles.

Some tips

  • Use Labels
  • Make you labels float
  • Careful To Not Wreck Your Default Styling
  • Use of Pseudo Class
  • Prefill With Hints, But Clear Them Away
  • Consider a Prefab Solution

Benefits of AidaForms

  • Customers like Options which are prevalent in HTML forms
  • Receive the Type of Information You Need
  • Forms are Trackable and you can keep account of it
  • Request for Back-ups are also available
  • Convenience is Key to good quality forms.


Aidaform Online Form Builder
Article Name
Aidaform Online Form Builder
Aidaform Online forms require information from the guests, like Name, Email, Address, Message, Age, Occupation and more, you get the point. The most widely recognized form elements are text fields, radio catches, checkboxes, drop down records and submit catches.
Publisher Name
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How to create a coming soon page with WordPress?



Wondering How to create a coming soon page with WordPress? Well if the answer is yes then read on.

Coming soon pages are one of the essential elements for any business website out there. Since it lets the users know about the business and products. However, creating a page can be a challenge to many.

But not to worry, it is not as hard as it seems. However to make your job super easy we will be talking about all the steps that you have to follow to make a coming soon page. But before that let’s talk about why it is important to create coming soon pages for a website.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Why Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress?

Why Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress

Why Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress

Coming soon pages are great for lead generation as well as reflect our brand. It helps the website owner to inform its valued customers about the website launch date. As well as you will be able to introduce your products or business to the audience.

However, apart from these reasons, there are also so many reasons are available out there. So let’s go and have a look at them:

Know About User Interest

Launching a website or product but not sure if people will be interested or not?

A coming soon page can help you to know about it. You can embed an email sign up form on your coming soon page. After that run some social media ads and see if people are getting interested in your product or not.

If you get email signups, then you can even use it for later marketing campaigns.

Build Hype

Coming soon pages are great for building hype. You can simply mention a product’s information and other details to create an interest of customers.

Promote Your Brand

You can also use coming soon pages to promote your brand. Embed your website’s logo and social media links. And you will find that you are getting social media engagements for your product.

These are a couple of points that you can implement with a coming soon page. Anyway, now let’s talk about our main question:

How to create a coming soon page with WordPress?



The best thing about WordPress is that almost every task is possible with Plugins. Even creating a Coming soon page. So for this tutorial, we will be using this tool called Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by WebFactory. It is free to use tool that offers quite a lot of features.

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a WordPress plugin which allows the users to create coming soon, maintenance mode, landing page and launch page for your website. It is extremely flexible and plugin that works with any WordPress theme with ease.

Talking about some of the features of the plugin:

  • The pro version of the app comes with more than 50 themes, 26+ Instagram filters, and 47+ spectacular content animations.
  • You can completely customize the look and feel of your coming soon pages.
  • The Pro comes with 400,000 premium images.
  • You can preview the coming soon and maintenance page before using them.
  • The plugin is GDPR compatible as a result it displays the cookie notice below the email field.
  • The plugin will make your website work as a normal website in the eyes of search engines. But the visitors will get to see the coming soon page.
  • Each and every element of the maintenance page can be configured.
  • You will easily be able to add custom HTML and CSS.

So these are some of the top features of the plugin. Now let’s talk about how to use this plugin to create a coming soon page.

How to create a coming soon page with WordPress?



Step 1: First of all login to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Now from the plugins menu go to the Add New button.

Step 3: Over here you have to search for the Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin.

Step 4: Now click on the install now button and install it.

Step 5: Now from the settings menu go to the maintenance mode.

Step 6: Over here you will find the Plugin’s setting page.

Step 7: From here go to the themes and choose a theme according to your needs. (Some of the theme designs are only available for the Pro users.)

Step 8: After that go to the design section. From here you will be able to select background image, upload your own logo, upload a favicon. Plus there are lots of other settings which you have to do to make your coming soon page look more appealing.

Step 9: If you want to integrate emails then you have to get yourself a pro plan. If you are already a pro user, then go to the email box and then connect it with the MailChimp plugin using an API.

Step 10: In the click go to the basic settings and enable the maintenance mode. Then save the changes, and you are all done.

Now go ahead and go to your home page and see the coming soon page.

Final Words

So that was the answer to your question that says How to create a coming soon page with WordPress. In the end all we would like to mention that if you get yourself the pro version of the Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin.

Then you will be able to get a hell lot of options which will help you to create attractive coming soon pages. So you can create a hype in the market about your brand and product.

Talking about the pro plan, well it costs only $19 a year. Also, you will be able to cancel the plan at any time, so you will no longer get charged for the service.

Anyway, in the end, go ahead and check it out. Also if you have any more questions to ask. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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