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8 SEO myths you should stop believing



8 SEO myths you should stop believing

8 SEO myths you should stop believing

8 SEO myths you should stop believing

8 SEO myths you should stop believing

In the recent years, SEO has gained intense popularity among internet users, regardless of whether they own a website or not. Various solution providers can be trusted to make effective the process of SEO, like However, it is quite unfortunate that a few website owners have fallen culprit of wrong SEO concepts that have resulted from miscommunication and misunderstandings, withholding the performance of websites from performing to their optimal potential.

Might you have fallen into the trap of SEO myths too? Whether or not you practice SEO for your site, it is of great value that you consider this list of SEO myths that might hurt your brand’s visibility and performance on search engines.

Optimizing for Google is optimizing for Search Engines

It is undeniable that Google is still the dominant and most popular search engines on the internet. For this reason, most website owners resolve to optimize their sites specifically for Google, thinking that Google’s algorithm will cover all other sites.

As much as SEO practices overall boost your site’s functionality and responsiveness that could work to your advantage across different websites, you must remember that different search engines operate on different indexing and ranking algorithms. For example, while Google has a preference for backlinks, Bing engine favours audience engagement more than link building.

Anchor texts are no longer relevant for ranking

Anchor texts have long been used for internal linking and external linking for sites. Arguably so, they have the potential to give you a high ranking on search engines. Most digital marketers disregard the need for anchor text with the notion that Google no longer values anchor texts for ranking.

This is not entirely true. The ranking algorithm has slight changes, which now means, it takes more than random anchor words to rank you on search engines. Today, keyword-rich anchor texts are valuable in passing on a better structured and targeted message.

Nonetheless, overusing them will earn you a penalty on Google. Therefore, you should not overemphasize only on primary keywords, preferably, secondary keywords, generic keywords and also your brand concepts.

Google will figure everything out

Some website owners are merely lazy in matters of optimizing their sites, which is why they rely on the fact that Google will figure everything out. High-quality content and a significant audience reach may keep your website running for a while, and eventually, Google will crawl your site for ranking, but that takes time.

Assuming that Google will figure out your site limits you from providing you content to the right audience because of the inability to position yourself for their searches. Worse, Google’s intelligence might disservice your site by wrongly indexing your site, which is why digital marketers go for XML sitemaps to submit to Google Console.

As a rule of thumb, never ignore crawl optimization for your site, which is all about making it swifter for search engines to find, crawl and correctly index your web pages.

Guest blogging is not effective

It can be quite uncomfortable to think about hosting people’s content on your website, or the other way around. Link earning is an SEO concept dear to Google that might take time to yield results but does have a positive impact on SERP.

The fact is, Google’s intelligence cannot sieve out guest content from the authors content, which means, if the material is excellent, it will be indexed, and links will be earned. Guest posting is therefore still useful, if correctly done to accommodate for content originality and uniqueness, proper use of keywords and anchor texts, among others.

Keyword research is not significant

You may think keyword research is a basic SEO practice, but even then, most website owners and content creators do not take advantage of it. Keyword research may seem not to give you the desired results, probably due to wrong targeting and wrong use of keywords, among other factors like keyword stuffing.

The truth is, keyword research is significant if at all your content is to be interesting to your target audience. If it is not working out for you, maybe you are doing it wrong. Your keyword research should point you to the best topics to explore for your content development, as well as to trending matters within your industry for better audience satisfaction.

Optimizing for search engines gives you higher rankings

This myth is not wholly untrue. Optimizing your site to the needs of Google, for instance, makes your website slightly to this search engine. However, the optimization should not be focused entirely on search engines. The whole reason your site is up and running is to satisfy the needs of a particular group of people.

You must deliberate on optimizing your site for the sake of your audience, which means, improving the overall user experience and responsiveness of your website. A happy audience is a happy Google, therefore, optimize for audiences first then search engines.

Social signals are not fundamental to the ranking process

Is your brand thriving well on social media? This is terrific news for your site. The notion that social signals are not essential for the ranking process of your website is an absolute myth. Social media mentions and activities add up to the search engine ranking factors. There is a strong correlation between social media activities and searches.

If people cannot find your bran don social media, it is more like your brand does not exist.

H1 tags increase search rankings

H1 tags have a role to play in improving the quality of content through creating a more standardized interface for users. However, regardless of using H1 or H2, the purpose of these tags does not directly affect SEO and ranking. Instead, use them to increase visualization and capitalize of your keyword use.

There you have it! SEO does not have to be that much of a hurdle. Shun off these few myths and get started on your ranking pursues.

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