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7 hidden features of Windows 10



7 hidden features of Windows 10

7 hidden features of Windows 10

7 hidden features of Windows 10

7 hidden features of Windows 10

Windows 10 is widely used in both personal and professional settings and we are going to share some of the hidden features of windows 10. There are some lesser-known features that you might not have already been aware of which can improve the user experience. In this article, the team at Syntax IT Support highlight seven favorite hidden features and explain how to use them.

  • Add a web address bar to your desktop toolbar

If you want to browse the web even more quickly, you can add a web address bar to your desktop toolbar and create shortcuts to your most-visited sites. Right-click on any unused area of your toolbar and select the “Toolbars” tab. Selecting the Address option inserts an address bar, which you can use to type in a site and launch your browser. The Links option allows you to create saved bookmarks to open specific websites in one click.

  • Find out how much space apps are taking up

If your computer is running slowly or you’re just concerned about saving space, there’s a handy hidden feature on Windows 10 which allows you to see how much space apps, photos, videos, and more are taking up. Go to Settings, then click through onto System and Storage. Now you’ll see a list of drives on your PC and can click on each for further details.

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  • Check Clutter folder

Windows 10 includes the integrated Mail app, which comes with the recently added “Clutter” folder. This folder doesn’t contain spam, but rather emails that the filtering system has deemed irrelevant. It’s a good idea to check this folder every so often just to make sure there’s nothing important in there – it can be found under the “More” subheading. By dragging mail out of this folder and back into the Inbox, Clutter will learn what correspondence is important to you and will stop moving the messages you want to see.

  • Turn off Cortana

Cortana can be a helpful tool, but some people just don’t want a personal assistant on their PC. You may not have been aware that there is an option to turn her off. To erase Cortana’s memory and switch the Windows 10 assistant off, go to Settings > Privacy > Speech, inking, & typing, and simply click on the button that says “Stop getting to know me”.

  • Background app manager

A lot of Windows 10 users don’t even know about this feature. The background app manager lets you change the settings for apps running in the background on your PC. By preventing specific apps from continuing to run when not in use, you can improve running speed, save battery power and stop overworking your machine. Go to Settings > Privacy and select “Background apps”. From there, simply set individual apps to “Off” if you don’t want them to run in the background.

  • See battery use

There are a few tools for battery management featured in Windows 10, including a battery saver mode, battery meter and breakdown of battery use. This last one is the most useful, allowing you see which apps and parts of your device use up the most power. Check which apps are draining energy to give yourself a better idea of how to improve battery life.

  • Edge advanced options

So here were some hidden features of windows 10, If you use Windows 10’s new browser Microsoft Edge, it’s useful to know how to change some key settings. The browser allows you to turn several features on or off depending on your own needs and preferences. Go to the “ellipsis” button on the top right of the browser and click Settings, then go to Advanced Settings. Here you can manage saved passwords, alter Cookies settings, turn off Adobe Flash Player and much more.
We hope you have found these tips useful and that by putting them to use, you can improve your overall experience of Windows 10.

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