7 Dirty Google Secrets – You won’t be aware of
Google Security technology

7 Dirty Google Secrets – You won’t be aware of


Google Has Some Big Dreams For Its Search Operations

Google is known for incorporating Artificial Intelligence. Its claims of Artificial Intelligence growing leaps and bounds under their hood are hitting news recently.

Google is aiming for something big right now, and here’s why you as a consumer should be excited about it.

What is Google up to these days?

Google wants to build a star-trek like computer! Yes, recall that movie? Google is looking forward to build a machine which uses Artificial Intelligence to address user queries and help him out without him even having to open a web page.

Perhaps the launch of Google Assistant was the stepping stone for the same. Although not that efficient, it’s really good at remembering your interests and stuff to help deal with future queries.

For an average consumer, it can prove to be a major breakthrough in the day-to-day activities. For the bloggers, it might be the end of a two-decade-long era. One thing is certain – Google will rule the information technology world for a decade more at least if this is to become a reality!

Here’s an infographic which talks about such Google secrets:

Google Secrets Infographic

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